Conan O’Brien’s GTA V review is pretty much priceless

Conan O’Brien has a YouTube series that he calls “Clueless Gamer,” where O’Brien and one of his producers will sit down with a new game and play it for a while, with Conan, an admitted non-gamer who isn’t very good at playing games, will fumble through some of the hottest releases and then give an arbitrary rating to said game. So what better game for Conan to sit down with than Grand Theft Auto V?

Conan goes through some of the basics of Grand Theft Auto V in this video, stuff like driving to trying out one or two of the story missions from the game before he finds himself completely immersed in the strange strip club minigame that most of us who have GTA V know all-too-well. It’s just a thing you probably need to watch, alright?

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