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CM Punk corrects people’s grammar, then makes a grammatical error

CM Punk is my favorite wrestler in the WWE right now, if for no other reason than his brazen asshole approach to social media. Grammar is highly important to us here at MiddleEasy, and also to a lot of you commenters who couldn’t care less about thumbs up or down. Speaking of which, yes it’s “Couldn’t care less.” Saying “Could care less,” is just dumb. You could always care less, unless of course you couldn’t. See how it works? So, when I saw that Nerdist had uploaded five videos of CM Punk’s Grammar Slam I was pretty stoked because I love CM Punk, and I hate basic grammatical errors. To quote Gary LaPlante, four of these videos are [expletive] sick, but I’m on some Ted Malkalovicholov shit right now so there is one that I just can’t get behind.

In the “Literally vs. Figuratively” video Punk goes about doing his thing – swearing and setting people straight. Then it happens. Some people might watch the Grammar Slam videos and either disregard, or just not pick up on, the speaker committing a grammatical error. The idea of these videos kind of tows the line between informative, and targeted towards people who will understand the humor because of their grasp of grammar. Either way, what happens is Punk, in the midst of correcting someone else’s grammar uses “good” instead of “well.” This could easily be disregarded if he was in character and doing a promo on RAW, but this was a video of which the entire purpose is to correct bad grammar.

Go to the 1:28 mark for the error in question, and remember kids – Superman does good, you’re doing well.

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