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Baller Alert: Guys puts his iPhone in his pocket before disarming a robber and saving innocent lives

You’re trying to beat level 172 on Candy Crush on your way to work and you look up to see a gun in your face. Before you put your Superman cape on and save the lives of everyone on a bus, you realize that you’ve spent entirely too much this Holiday season on gifts and you simply can’t afford to buy another iPhone so you carefully shove it in your pocket while simultaneously subduing an attacker with your bare hands, all the while maintaining looking like a high-end hipster. Not even Quentin Tarantino could assemble a plot that sick, but it happened, and there’s video of it.

Apparently this incident happened in Seattle on the Metro Bus. The robber was 19-year-old Trevonnte Brown and he was subdued by everyone on the bus and later arrested by police. Simply amazing. Props to TDM for the +100 news tip.


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