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Ashton Kutcher kind of gave an awesome speech at the Teen Choice Awards, but few in attendance probably noticed

Huh. So this is Ashton Kutcher, BJJ player and thoughtful stepfather of Bruce Willis’ kids, who decided to go on the Teen Choice Awards to give a thoughtful speech on hard work and what it takes to succeed in this vicious circle called life. Actually, is he still the step father of Bruce Willis’ children even after he’s been divorced from Demi Moore? I don’t know. I don’t think anyone knows. I’m sure he sends them a card on their birthdays though, and sometimes that’s all that matters. But still, the speech. The speech in which Ashton Kutcher for some reason reveals his real first name and decides to preach about life to a bunch of screaming teens.

These wise words from Kelso probably fell on deaf ears at the TCA (as the cool kids call it), and it may still fall on deaf ears now, but I like it, and it’s worth sharing.

So thanks, Chris.

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