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According to this video, Arnold Schwarzenegger has killed 509 people in his movie career

Seriously you guys, who would win in a fight: Cain Velasquez or 35 kids in third grade with yellow belts in karate?

It’s a question you’ll spend the rest of your day pondering — and I can almost guarantee you will change your answer more than once by the end of the weekend. Piecing together all the scenarios that could happen in the hypothetical bout, even I can’t make a clear choice. I mean if they all attack at once, wow — just wow.

Now imagine if one of those 35 third graders was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s illegitimate love child. Would that skew your opinion on the proposed brawl? Of course it would. A third-grade baby Schwarzenegger has the strength of like a tenth grader.

This article is really just about Arnold Schwarzenegger killing people. 509 is the number Auralnauts tallied in this YouTube video and they even provided every death scene as evidence. Props to jersonordavid for the +100 news tip.

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