Hector Lombard Not Happy With NC Ruling At Eagle FC 47: “I’ve Done That Before And I Got DQ’ed”

'Lightning' is not happy with the way his return panned out

Hector Lombard
Credit: Eagle FC, Hector Lombard (via Twitter & Instagram)

Hector Lombard marked his return to the sport of mixed martial arts this past Friday.

Taking on former training partner Thiago Silva in the co-main event of the night, Hector Lombard made his promotional debut at Eagle FC 47. With an exciting first round in the books, ‘Lightning’ seemed to be in control of the fight. Both athletes were cautious of each other’s striking abilities and chose to trade carefully.

The second round opened up in a similar fashion with Silva being the aggressor. Silva turned the tables on Lombard with a straight right after being knocked down in the first. As the 44-year-old Cuban wobbled down to the canvas, Silva followed up with an illegal knee to the downed opponent.

Reacting quickly, the referee entered the scuffle to put a hold on the proceedings before medical officials were brought in to inspect the damage. Lombard was bleeding profusely from his nose and face after being smashed with the knee.

Hector Lombard was unable to continue after the illegal blow and the fight was called off. A major sticking point of the whole contest was the manner in which it was ruled. While some were expecting the decision to be a disqualification, the official judgment may have baffled Lombard.

Since the officials deemed the illegal knee to be accidental, Lombard vs. Silva was announced as a no-contest adding a third to Lombard’s career.

Speaking to the press after the event, Lombard expressed his disappointment at the outcome.

“About the illegal shot, it should’ve been a DQ. I’ve done that before and I got DQ’ed. When I fought in the UFC, I fought C.B. Dolloway. He said he couldn’t continue and I got a loss. So it’s all good, we can do it again.”


Following his brief retirement, Lombard spent the last two years fighting for BKFC where he won the promotion’s cruiserweight championship. He indicated that he wants to fight more this year, and hopefully retire permanently by the time next year rolls around.

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