MMA Top Lists

The Top Ten Nicknames You’ve Never Heard

  It seems like the entire MMA world is filled with a potpourri of The Pitbulls, The Beasts, Hands of [insert variation here] and Assassins. Whenever someone like Wanderlei ‘The Axe Murderer’ Silva comes around, the only thing you can do is stand-up and applaud for originality. There’s always the occasional hit and miss but

The Top Ten MMA Organizations That We Really, Really, Really Miss A Lot

Take a voyage through time and space (and then realize halfway through your journey that you left the oven on). After weeks of starting, stopping, slamming my laptop against the wall and telling my functional alcoholic neighbor that I can’t babysit her cats this week (or ever) ‘The Top Ten Organizations That We Really, Really,

Top Ten Girls that can take Cyborg’s Belt

  Before compiling this list, I had to cross-check some things with Mr. Cool Ice but he was too busy showing off his new rawesome tattoo so I had to make this one by myself. Despite what you believe, a lot of chicks can beat you up. A lot. More than you can count on

Top Ten Wildest MMA Entrances

  There is no coincidence that nine of the ten fighters on this list have fought in Japan. When it comes to over-the-top theatrical entrances, the Japanese have it mastered to a science. Actually when it comes to over-the-top anything, Japan pretty much has it locked. Where America has King-Kong, Japan has a giant mechanized

Top Ten Fighters that NEED to be in EA Sports MMA

  As you all already know, video game mega-colossus known as Electronic Arts announced at this year’s E3 that they were developing an MMA game entitled ‘EA Sports MMA’. After all the drool was mopped from the floor of the E3 press conference, people started to speculate who would be included in the upcoming game.

Top Ten Reasons there should be 5 minute rounds in Women’s MMA

  It’s good to have avid supporters of women’s MMA like and head of Strikeforce, Scott Coker who are really behind implementing five minute rounds within female MMA. But every once in a while along comes a guy that completely takes our entire culture back about 100 years. This list was created in response

Top Ten Reasons why Fedor vs. Brock will NEVER happen

Everyone talks about it. It’s like the battle of everything vs. everything. Good vs. Evil has nothing on this fight. It’s what the entire MMA world salivates over just before they go to bed and dream about Kristin Kreuk fighting Gina Carano. Brock Lesnar vs. Fedor Emelianenko. The fight that the entire world wants to