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Kid Yamamoto career moments

The top ten Kid Yamamoto moments before you knew who Kid Yamamoto was

Rest in power Kid Yamamoto. At one point in time Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto was the hardcore MMA fans fighter of choice. Before there were even true MMA pound for pound rankings, Kid was near the top of everyone’s personal list. In Japan, Kid was a star in Shooto and K-1 Hero’s, with his celebrity getting as big

The top ten worst movies that MMA fighters have starred in

To celebrate the release of Ronda Rousey’s Mile 22; MiddleEasy decided to peer back and reminisce at some of the trashiest movies ever conceived that starred high profile MMA fighters. For fairness, we’re excluding movies where MMA fighters played a small or supporting role. Some of these cinematography spectacles are actually watchable, others will make

The Top 10 best MMA fights of 2018 so far

As we pass the midpoint of 2018 it’s best to look back and decide what were some of the best brawls of the year. 1) Gaethje VS Poirer Two of the greatest warriors to ever grace the confines of the octagon did not disappoint when they decided to throw down heavy leather in Glendale Arizona

Worst Ufc Weight Cuts

Top 15: Worst and Most Dangerous Weight Cuts In UFC History (2021)

Cutting weight is a common practice among MMA fighters. Today we take a look at the weight cuts that pushed the limits of what was safe, or should have been allowed. One of the most common, yet controversial practices in all of combat sports is that of weight cutting. Oftentimes, fighters will employ a method

Worst Cauliflower Ear

Top 15: Worst Cases Of Cauliflower Ear In UFC History

Getting cauliflower ear as a combat sports athlete is considered a badge of honor. Yet some instances can be worse than others, and today we take a look at some of them. There is something of a proverb that goes around, which says that if you want to pick a fight with someone, don’t mess

Octagon Girls

10 Most Beautiful UFC Ring Girls Of All Time (2021)

Watching a UFC event, you are sure to notice the UFC Ring Girls introducing each round of action. Today we look at the ten Octagon Girls who have risen above the rest in popularity, to become famous beyond the sport. It is impossible to watch a UFC broadcast without noticing the iconic Octagon Girls making laps

Ring Girls

Top 15: Most Beautiful Ring Girls In MMA (2021)

Over the years, MMA has seen some incredibly beautiful women take the role of a Ring Girl in various promotions. Today we take a look at those who have stood out, purely for their stunning looks. It is impossible to watch an MMA event without noticing the beautiful Ring Girls who make laps around the

Top ten MMA comebacks

The Top Ten greatest comebacks in MMA history

Don’t call it a comeback. Wait check that, this is the one time you can label a general news item or top ten list as a comeback. Pride Never Dies, WEC Never Forget, Strikeforce something, something and never count out one human versus another human in MMA. Here are The Top Ten Greatest Comebacks in

Video: The 12 Days of Christmas in Dan Henderson Knockouts

No matter who you are, no matter what you believe, this is supposed to be a time of togetherness. Forget about religion, disagreements or all of the horrible things going on in the world and remember that it’s just us here. One world, all overrun by us naked monkeys too smart for their own good.

The Top Ten MMA Fighters That Secretly Occupy the Dragon Ball Z Universe

And now for a brief musical interlude *Rolls opening credits* ♫ Breaking through the MMA clouds, fly away (fly away), The panorama broadens throughout the knocked out bodies. Kicked in the face, the Earth gets angry (angry), Making blood volcanoes explode. ♫ Right in the melted ice of North-South position Pole, If there’s a young