Street Fights

A Lesson in Street MMA: A security guard with a little muay-thai is unstoppable

I’ve learned never to donate unnecessary obstacles to a private security guards. In some roundabout way, they will conjure all available universal force and harness it in order to make your life as miserable as possible. I’m not sure where these security guards acquired this talent, but I would venture to say it was taught

The first Street MMA of the 2011 NFL season! Ravens vs Chiefs!

I am so starved for football that I will take anything at this point. Preseason games, fantasy football mock drafts, slow motion NFL films highlight reels with the music that must be used in a MMA video soon. Bring it. I want it. Football is almost here, yes! That said, preseason games and mock drafts

A Lesson in Street MMA: What the audience wants, the audience gets

Back in the days when the youth armed rolls of quarters like AK-47s in Palestine, there was a little coin-op arcade game called ‘Pitfighter.’ For some out there, you can rekindle found memories of repeatedly slamming your palm to execute a two-button combo only to be knocked out by a dude named ‘Buzz’ with some

A Lesson in Street MMA: Grandpa’s still got it

Russians. According to Don Frye they are the last men on earth, and I’m inclined to agree. What we have here is not your typical Street MMA, this is Russian style Street MMA. Which means it takes place in an incredibly tiny room where some sort of organized boxing match goes awry out of left

Let’s not forget, Jorge Masvidal is the REAL king of Street MMA

Someone promptly stick a bullet deep within my brain so I will forever get this MTV Riff Raff song out of my head. It’s ruining my life. Throughout the day, I sporadically repeat lyrics like ‘I have more combos than a Taco Bell menu.’ Maybe I should enlist Jorge Masvidal to shove his fist in

A true lesson for those involved in Street MMA: Leave it to the pros

Ah, Street MMA, by far the most polarizing two words that can be typed on MiddleEasy, well that and ‘Kobe GOAT’. Any combination of those words will no doubt get a heated conversation going in the comment section, people will threaten to leave, tears are shed, virtual chests are bumped and names are called. Well

A Lesson in Street MMA: Talk is cheap, but affordable

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Then why is trash talk so prevalent in Street MMA? Trash talking when you could be moving into the pocket looking to drop some bombs Chadd Griggs style is what you should be doing, not constantly talking about how you are going

A Lesson in Street MMA: At times, tag-team matches are futile

We do these ‘A Lesson in Street MMA’ articles as an altruistic act of kindness. Our lives may come to a point where one is thrown into an unsolicited MMA match on the street, in the backyard or in this case in the middle of a Hawaiian parking lot. Sure these group of individuals got

A Lesson in Street MMA: Wearing the costume does not make you Batman

Yeah, I like the song Batdance by Prince. It’s one of the best songs of the 80’s and the video is probably scariest since Thriller. It’s successful, 4.3 million owners of the Batman soundtrack can’t be wrong, sampling Jack Nicholson while wearing a half Batman half Joker suit thing whilst gyrating and lip syncing equals

A Lesson in Street MMA: Fathers in corners are apparently legal

Now that fathers are apparently allowed to corner fighters in the institution of Street MMA, it goes without saying that the paradigm has shifted forever. The only thing this video needs is a celebrity appearance by Weng-Weng towards the end in order to cement itself in the vein of mainstream culture. Weng-weng has the power

A Lesson in Street MMA: Always look out for the unexpected headkick

You have to be ready for anything in Street MMA, there is no time to scout your opponent. Who knows what camp they train at or what their strength or weakness is. Street MMA is a crapshoot, like how it was back in 1993, with our cans of whatever with the little mouth hole. Incredible

A Lesson in Street MMA: Never underestimate the fairer sex

Unlike real, sanctioned MMA, Street MMA has no weight classes, athletic commissions, age restrictions or regard to what is between your legs. Street MMA is kind of like Batman, everywhere and nowhere at the same time. We’ve seen examples of Street MMA all over the world, from Lithuania to the trailer park. Old women vs

Watch the Gracie breakdown of the ‘Zangief Kid’ Street MMA match

Wow, Street MMA is getting huge! You know you’ve made it in the Street MMA world when the Gracie’s breakdown your performance. We featured the the bullied youngster now known only as ‘Zangief Kid’ a few weeks back on, little did we realize how huge of a story this epic Street MMA match would

A Street MMA match never thought possible: Miesha Tate vs Spiderman

What is this? Has Meisha Tate turned to a life of crime and evil? Is the Korean Zombie her undead henchman? Due to the fact that there is zero exposition in this amateur home video taken on the streets of New York, one would have to assume that Spiderman must have just swung down from

Watch the first truly epic street MMA video of 2011

“Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis, and the rise of the sons of Aryas, there was an age undreamed of. And unto this, Conan, destined to wear the jeweled crown of Aquilonia upon a troubled brow. It is I, his chronicler, who alone can tell thee of his saga. Let me tell you