Street Fights

A Lesson In Street MMA: If someone goes full zombie on you, just walk away, bro

This right here my friends, is absolutely rawesome. There is no barometer in existence to my knowledge that can quantify how boss this ‘Mexican Zombie’ of a Street MMA fighter is. After an entrance for one combatant that rivals the length of the Klitschko/Hayes walkouts, it gets right to the action. You know, I really

A Lesson in Street MMA: Full mount = no escape no matter how much you trash talk

For maximum enjoyment I have broken down the following Street MMA match (which is titled ‘Two Milk Bags Fighting on Youtube, a term I have never heard before) by each explosive second: :01-:03– Bearded Milk Bag lunges in with a devastating overhand right. :04-:06– Overhand right misses. Milk Bag no. 2 sees an opening and

A Lesson in Street MMA: Sorry, a dog can’t cure your one-punch KO

They say if life throws you lemons, make lemonade. No way. I tried and there is something else to making lemonade besides just squeezing lemons. Maybe life needs to throw me sugar and ice too, that could help. How about this, life; throw me a Country Time Lemonade and we can call it even. Better

A Lesson in Street MMA: Don’t fight Badr Hari’s prodigal son

It’s not every day that a Street MMA video comes through the MiddleEasy Network offices with a level of stand up this high. None of us have seen anything like this. There can be an argument made that this is the best 30 seconds of Street MMA ever, or at the very least it’s the

A Lesson in Street MMA: If at first you don’t succeed, get knocked out again

Learning from your mistakes is at the forefront of any successful venture. Oftentimes, mistakes can lead to painstaking re-invention, subsequently tackling a problem anew – perhaps with vastly different results. In today’s edition of ‘A Lesson in Street MMA”, we’re showing you what happens when you don’t re-evaluate your gameplan and do the exact same

A Lesson in Street MMA: Dramatic finishes are common

What we have here is an open weight match at one of the larger Street MMA stadiums somewhere in the world. The crowd is massive, they are excited to see the bout and most of all, they are educated. Notice the space being given to the combatants and even the referee reset. These guys know

A Lesson in Street MMA: Left kick cemetery, right kick fireplace

What we have here is a regulation Street MMA match in a non regulation ring-the living room. It must have been too cold to actually head out into the street or yard for this anticipated shirts vs skins fight (shirts vs skins is what you have to resort to when there is no red or

What do you call Street MMA inside of a cage?

What do you call Street MMA inside of a cage? A riot. Last Saturday in Flint, Michigan, an amateur MMA show broke out into a full scale riot that wasn’t quite Palace at the Auburn Hills scale, but still did the trick. This further reaffirms the notion that when our world goes Mad Max after