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Bas Boon calls M-1 Global ‘a bunch of crooks’

Bas Boon looks like a guy you would see guarding a weapons depot in a Guy Ritche movie. Dude is the head of Golden Glory and manager of Strikeforce’s Heavyweight Champion, Alitair Overeem (also manages Marloes Coenen, Errol Zimmeran, Semmy Schilt and a load of other K-1 guys that could left high kick your soul

Kyra Gracie will probably get into MMA…someday

If Renzo Gracie knew how much I obsess over Kyra Gracie I probably wouldn’t have a left leg by now. I watched five minutes and forty-seconds of Kyra Gracie because it was five minutes and forty-seconds of Kyra Gracie. I didn’t really get much of what she said…something about Brazil, something about ju-jitsu…I was too

Kimbo says Bas was a bad teacher, Bas says Kimbo was a bad student…

Both of these guys collectively represent every reason I will never get inside a cage. Watching Bas Rutten’s Self-Defense tapes years ago just reminded me that the easiest thing to do is just run away. There’s no way I could execute any of that stuff when someone like Kimbo is running towards me. If you

Rampage is prejudice against wooden doors

If you were reincarnated as a tree and some idiot made you into a wooden door, this clip may be very disturbing. When Rampage walks, Rampage hates when things get in his way. Rampage saw door and Rampage thought door took away his role in ‘The A-Team’. Check out this clip of Rampage from TUF

Ricardo Arona is still raw

Last night while you were probably out telling a chick you were a movie producer at some club, Bitetti Combat was in full swing and you missed it (and that number she gave you…yeah, it doesn’t work). Yesterday I gave you guys a full breakdown on why I was flipping my coffee table over in

Randy Couture vs. Brandon Vera will headline UFC 105

Wow. Just two weeks after both fighters went all three rounds at UFC 102, the UFC has confirmed that Randy Couture and Brandon Vera will headline UFC 105 in Manchester. When the news first broke, I thought it was Kim Couture vs. Kerry Vera which would actually be a friggin rawesome fight. They both fight

Big Nog says he has better skills than Lesnar

If any of you managed to catch Bitetti Combat streaming live on last night then you probably saw Big Nog just doing what minotauros do…guarding the entry to labyrinths with a battle axe in their hands. Actually Big Nog got on the microphone and said a lot of stuff in Portuguese that no one

Tonight, Trevor Prangley has the craziest odds in MMA

A few days ago my Samsung TV just stopped working. It got tired of me…sort of just gave up on me. My Samsung TV did exactly what my ex-girlfriend did. The repairman told me parts were ordered and will ‘be here soon’. The phrase ‘be here soon’ in TV repairman talk means ‘friggin never’. So

Bitetti Combat is going to be the sleeper MMA event of the year

Am I the only one amped up for this bangemite fest tonight? We’ve been waiting for this ever since Bitetti announced they’ve signed Jeff Monson to scrap against Pedro Rizzo in July. Back then we thought ‘Bitetti Combat’ sounded like a finger-food eating competition. Now with the finalized line-up, it sounds like something that will

Kerry Vera has signed a four-fight contract with Strikeforce

When Kerry Vera got her first win (in her first fight) with Bellator, I think our writer Nick tried to do a back-flip and broke a lamp in his apartment. After watching her hot up our TVs on Fight Girls, we were stoked to see her scrap in the cage. Chick fights like she’s been

Xtreme Cagefighting Championships TONIGHT for FREE! 7:30pm EST!

Sometimes you have to specify that MMA will be live and not undead. The last thing you need is a crew of zombies trying to get each other in a rear naked choke. I take that back. That’s the first thing we need. Zombie against zombie action in a cage just may be the rawest

Eddie Alvarez vs. Katsunori Kikuno in the works for Dream 12

If you’re not familiar with Kikuno, we suggest you watch Saw I-IV and take a really good look at that jigsaw porcelain doll. I’m pretty sure they’re related. Katsunori Kikuno has the undisputed creepiest smile in MMA. They say if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. If Dream gives you Katsunori Kikuno…just run the other

Michelle Waterson in new Megadeth video…just go to the 1:50 mark

There’s no other reason to watch this video other than to go to the 1:50 mark. Everything before the 1:50 mark makes you want to grab life by the neck and punch it in the face. Everything after the 1:50 mark will test your ability to keep both your hands above your desk. Michelle Waterson

Arlovski is back and firing off at Rogers

While Andrei Arlovski trained for fight against Fedor Emelianenko at Affliction: Day of Reckoning, he mentioned that his opponent was ‘only human’. That was the day I realized Arlovski’s camp forgot to inform him he was fighting Fedor Emelianenko. Fedor is about as human as I am a flying pterodactyl. When archeologists look back at

Bob Arum thinks you’re a homosexual skinhead

Legendary boxing promoter, Bob Arum, probably doesn’t understand MMA as much as a 77 year old dude should understand it. That’s why Arum pretty much called MMA just “guys rolling around like homosexuals on the ground” and its fans “a bunch of skinhead white guys.”. That statement is pretty ironic considering the fact that Arum

Kimo may have faked his own death for a movie

When it was reported that Kimo Leopaldo died, we reported that Royce Gracie got his first night of sleep since 1994. TMZ spread the news, every MMA site gave him a little digital memorial (it’s the best we could do) and then…Kimo was not dead. Kimo became un-dead in the course of a few hours.