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Mousasi has ANOTHER belt now

Wow, yeah we’re not doing good when it comes to picking who’s going to win. Thanks MMAMoneyline for giving us the opportunity to let the world know our picks but damn, you may have to put a disclaimer on them. Gegard Mousasi trains with Fedor. That should be enough to notch the W for ‘The

El Nino TKOs Ishida

Once again, we’re happy you didn’t put any cash on our picks. We had Ishida defeating Gilbert Melendez. Why? Well mostly we’re idiots. Our mission statement at is ‘we lose money so you won’t have to’. Gilbert Melendez finally get the revenge he’s been looking for ever since Ishida got the win in Japan

Werdum with the win

So it looks like Werdum pulled a guillotine similar to the submissions he pulls on me all the time on UFC Undisputed. I wasn’t surprised when he submitted Mike Kyle in the first round with incredible ease. Dude does it to me all the time. I literally had to retire my character on UFC Undisputed

Jay Hieron defeats Jesse Taylor

BREAKING NEWS: The universe no longer hates Jay Hieron. After being demoted to a non-title fight and demoted to a prelim fight, Jay Hieron pulled the unanimous decision against your boy Jesse Taylor. We’re hoping Strikeforce gives the dude like a $100k bonus just for being the poster boy for bad luck. Nick Diaz should

Randy Couture and Jay Hieron confirmed for EA Sports MMA

Finally, Jay Hieron can unload that gun he had pointed at God last week when it was announced that Nick Diaz was forced to drop out of their welterweight title fight due to his extreme longing for a nicely rolled blunt. Yesterday at the Strikeforce weigh-ins, EA Sports announced that Jay Hieron and Randy Couture

Check out what the fighters had to say about Carano/Cyborg

We’ve interviewed a lot of fighters on and we’ve always posed the question ‘Who will win in Carano vs. Cyborg?‘. Here is what they had to say: Shayna Baszler “Gina. I think that Cyborg has all the tools to beat Gina but I don’t think that she has a head enough to follow any

Get hyped about Carano/Cyborg TONIGHT!

This morning I woke up on my sofa buried in empty Taco Bell bags. My TV was still blasting from last night so I looked up and saw Kristin Kreuk from Smallville in black spandex with blood running down her mouth. From that moment on, I knew today was going to be a good day.

Randy Couture wants Anderson Silva

Randy Couture wants Anderson Silva. Not like in a Heath Ledger, Brokeback Mountain way. Not even in like a Starscream aspiring to be Megatron type of way. Randy Couture wants to take Silva’s genetic code, stick it in a blender and attempt to reassemble him while inebriated. Dude wants to brawl with the best pound

Fedor vs. Ricco Rodriguez on Oct. 10th?

Before you throw your laptop across the room and yell ‘Who is Ricco Rodriguez?‘ just know that the dude has beaten Ron Waterman, Jeff Monson, Randy Couture, Andrei Arlovski and Paul Buentello. Hell, Ricco Rodriguez was the UFC Heavyweight champion before being TKOd in the first round by Tim Sylvia a few months later. Oh

Our Strikeforce: Carano/Cyborg picks will probably lose you money…again

Back in 1992, Skynet sent robots from the future to destroy humankind. Their new robot, T-1000, had a mission to kill John Connor and thwart the human resistance movement of the future. Luckily, their mission was destroyed by the Governator, an awesome Guns and Roses video and an equally sick Terminator 2 arcade game. Now

Matt Lindland signs with Strikeforce

When I hopped out the cab in Las Vegas for the UFC 100 weekend, the first guy I saw was Matt Lindland standing outside the Mandalay Bay hotel waiting for his ride. He was sort of looking at me wondering who the guy getting out of the cab with a crew of hot chicks (I

If They Were Hot Chicks – Strikeforce Edition

It was sort of hard to do ‘If they were hot chicks’ for the Strikeforce – Carano/Cyborg card. Originally, Nick Diaz vs. Joe Riggs and Alistair Overeem vs. Fabricio Werdum were going to be included in our transformation. But since this card has changed on a weekly basis, we went with the only title match

Phil Baroni released from Strikeforce, will probably join UFC

Phil Baroni reminds me of my roommate in college that used to hold freestyle battles with the school cook he named ‘Chefy Poo’. He also told me Hollywood should cast him for the role of Spiderman because Tobey Maguire ‘looked too Polish’. Baroni’s last fight was against Diesel Joe Riggs in which he lost a

Tito Ortiz and Dana White kiss on camera

Tito Ortiz and Dana White have made up…and made out. I know today has been sort of lacking in guy on guy kiss action so to make it up (pun intended), here’s a video of Tito Ortiz passionately holding Dana White’s head as he kisses him directly on the lips. Yeah, only in America (and

Is there a TUF curse?

Seems like there may be a more than just the Undisputed curse floating around the UFC lately as TUF fighters went 0-5 at UFC 101, in fact, starting at UFC 98, the TUF crew has gone a combined 3-15 over the last few PPV’s since UFC 98. Not only are they getting beaten but they

Nick Diaz is moving to boxing

Remember that one time when Nick Diaz was going to fight Joe Riggs for the first ever Strikeforce welterweight title? Now do you remember that time when Riggs was replaced with Jay Hieron and they were still going to fight for the belt? What about that time when the California athletic commission told you that