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The Bodyshop trains Bob Sapp for Dream 11 and educates everyone on Hitler

In 2008, Antonio McKee was voted the fighter fans would most like to see assemble a half-hour stand-up comedy routine (which would be like 28 minutes of him cracking on Brett Cooper). When Mousasi had to step out of the Dream Superhulk tourney due to an injury sustained at the M-1 Global Breakthrough exhibition (yeah,

Hieron is pretty pissed off with Diaz

Jay Hieron is loading his gun (again) and aiming it directly at god (again). Dude has the absolute worst luck in MMA. In our interview with Hieron, we asked him about the multitude of garbage that he’s endured throughout his career and if he could tell us which one sucked the most. Jay simply said

Fedor got married today, proving he may be human

Fedor shocked the world this weekend by giving us evidence that he may in fact be human (or his Terminator model came equipped with a pre-programmed marriage script). On October 4th, The Last Emperor got hitched in Stary Oskol to a chick named ‘Marina’. Dude definitely did a good job and props to the priest

Anderson Silva says Vitor Belfort should NOT trade strikes with him

The ‘Oh no he didn’t’ train just rolled in town and Anderson Silva decided to pack his bags and hop on. The ‘Oh no he didn’t’ train is rumored to be heading back to 1994 where it belongs (along with phrases like ‘That’s whack’, ‘Cowabunga’ and ‘Smell you later’). In an interview with Sensei Sportv,

So Miesha Tate fought last night…

I know this guy and, for the sake of reducing the level of embarrassment he’s drowning in, I’ll call him Aquaman. Just a side-note: If you ever find yourself in a battle with Aquaman, drive him to some desert in Tucson, kick him in the shin and just leave him there. Instant victory. Aquaman and

Bruce Buffer is the official voice of Beer Pong

The coolest thing about Beer Pong is that even if you lose, you still win. After the superbowl, the coach gets soaked in gatorade and if you were thirsty after the game…you’re pretty much screwed. When a team wins the NBA championship, they go in the locker room and spray champagne over each other which

Fabricio Werdum vs. Bobby Lashley possible for Strikeforce: Fedor/Rogers

If getting repeatedly arm-barred by a videogame character is a sign that your life is pretty much over, then I should borrow Arlovski’s gun and blow whatever brains I have left inside my head…directly out of my head. Fabricio Werdum is the reason why I will never beat UFC Undisputed in the heavyweight division. I

Sakuraba added to Dream 11, another reason to pull an all-nighter

I was watching Ong Bak 2 (which is apparently the best movie ever made) and at the end, I realized that I just watched an entire movie in Thai and it made more sense than every movie Tom Cruise has put out since 2004. I also realized that Sakuraba was added to the Dream 11

Big Nog being poured for the winner of Carwin vs. Lesnar

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I have this undying urge to contact every eggnog distributor in an attempt to get Big Nog a contract in the dairy industry. The chances of me drinking more eggnog because Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira is on the carton is about the same as me running away in

Even chicks in 1926 got down with jiu-jitsu

So Ricardo Arona and I were surfing at the beach today and I came across this little video gem hidden in a bucket of 80 year old sand. Some film agency in 1926 created a video entitled ‘Hints to the Ladies on Jiu-Jitsu’ which features this chick thwarting off a purse robber with a full

Kimbo Slice returns to TUF and fights Brendan Schuab

So this is probably the main reason why I will never be a video editor. Alright so wednesday night’s episode there is a scene in which Rashad Evans’ team is kicking it outside talking about an upcoming fight with Roy Nelson. In the video Roy Nelson talks to Brendan Schuab and says ‘you get him

Rashad Evans vs. Thiago Silva confirmed for UFC 108

So it looks like we’re never going to get the ‘black on black crime‘ Rampage promised us when Rashad Evans stepped in the cage after Jackson’s impressive win over Keith ‘Technoviking‘ Jardine. As an alternative, we are going to get to see ‘Guy who’s only lost came by Machida KO vs. Guy who’s only lost

Dana White is blown away by the Kimbo/Nelson ratings

Dana White pulled the largest ratings in the history of UFC and he owes it all to a guy this time last year said ‘He sucked‘ and ‘He would get murdered in the UFC‘. It’s cool Dana, I say a lot of stuff that I really don’t mean…especially when I’m drunk (sorry Amy, Zoe, Tereza…and

Kimbo Slice vs. Roy Nelson was the most watched MMA event in history

If you had a nickel for every time you heard someone mention ‘Kimbo Slice’ today then you could have probably afforded that Duchees Honey Bun on the A4 slot inside your vending machine at work. Now it looks like you’re going to have to settle for those Funyuns that taste alright for a couple of

Dan Henderson says he could go to Strikeforce

Even though the Earth is still recovering from Hendo’s spectacular knockout of Bisping at UFC 100, dude still hasn’t ironed out a new contract in the UFC. Dan Henderson wants a title shot, sort of pissed that Vitor gets one before he does and Hendo’s bummed that he has to go through Nate Marquardt to