Something very weird is going on right now on Youtube

Pronunciationbook – a channel, known for its features on how to pronounce certain words (such as ‘jojoba’ and ‘fandango’) – launched a strange countdown two weeks ago. No one knows why, no one knows what for, but what we do know is that it’s very eerie. The countdown starts from 77 days and has continued

Oh My God, They Are Rebooting Bloodsport

This is the kind of news that will make you want to get all bloodied and oiled up, stand in a weird arena surrounded by bloodthirsty savages and scream like you are the proven-fraud that is Frank Dux. Bloodsport is being remade. While the story of Frank Dux and his Kumite run might be a

A news reporter accidentally drew a penis on her broadcast

You would think that giggling behind your hands at a woman crudely drawing a peen and balls on a newscast would be only for the immature, but when you giggle then have to post it on the internet before it goes viral, it’s serious business. You may think that this is either a huge mistake,

Sylvester Stallone just announced Ronda Rousey will be in The Expendables 3

Since we’ve known Ronda Rousey, she’s gone from this extraordinarily talented chick in a small organization called Tuff-N-Uff to a masterfully skilled athlete on the border of universal stardom. We’re talking about nearing the realm of Michael Jordan, folks. She did what Gina Carano never accomplished — actually brought women into the Octagon. Carano may

Fight Club 2 is coming as a graphic novel series, with help from Marvel and DC

Did anyone else play the Fight Club game that came out for Xbox? Highly underrated game, great story line, amazing physics — and the greatest thing about it was Abraham Lincoln was an unlockable character. There was no sequel because the video game community is filled with jaded and elitist nerds that align themselves with

This is the most brutal vegan cooking video you will see all day

I never plan to be vegan. It’s not that I don’t agree with the lifestyle — I don’t enjoy animals being killed for food, but they just taste so good. I can’t give up eating bacon, burgers, pulled pork — especially can’t give up filet mignon. I would spit on the ground and drown my

Sit down for this one, Batman WILL be in the next Superman movie

There you have it, folks – Batman is going to be in the next Superman movie. There were rumors and whispers all over social media throughout the morning, so the announcement that the Dark Knight would be in the Man of Steel sequel wasn’t really a surprise, as much as it was a confirmation. What

Get ready to watch 54 episodes of Breaking Bad in just 9 minutes

I have a confession to make, The Sopranos really messed my TV watching ability. It was the first drama that I watched and it was almost the last. The problem about Sopranos was that it was almost too good that any other drama I watched after just paled in comparison. See, I wanted to like