These 3-D Printed Spider Robots Are Horrifying

Spiders are one of the most terrifying creatures on the planet. They suck the blood of their prey for sustenance after wrapping them up in what basically amounts to an extravagant silk blanket. They are both deadly and elegant. Classy yet terrifying. These 3-D printed T-8 Octopod Robots sound like something from the Terminator movies

Top 5 Comic Books That Should Never Be Made Into Movies

When the film adaptation of Alan Moore’s Watchmen was released I was probably the most excited dude on planet earth. For many years it was said to be impossible to translate into the medium of film, but it seemed like Zack Snyder had somehow solved the puzzle. The trailers showed everything you’d want to see

My hometown is being terrorized by a really talented Simpsons graffiti artist

I call the sleepy suburb of Naperville, Illinois my home town. It’s one of those towns where nothing really happens outside of a stray soccer mom going crazy and killing her kids every 10-15 years or so (seriously). But in the few months since I’ve left good ‘ol Naperville for Los Angeles, things have turned

SyFy Network’s Defiance is My SciFi Guilty Pleasure

I grew up with science fiction, it somehow became really important to me as a kid and helped me to really think outside of the box and wonder what the universe was like. That means reading a lot of Star Wars alternate universe, Isaac Asimov and others as a kid, while still watching tons of

Blast to the Past: Magneto Rips Out Wolverine’s Adamantium

In 1993 everything that would eventually be referred to “90’s comics” was in full swing. Ridiculous plots, clones, dudes with way too many muscles, clones, a LOT of chains, clones. Now, when most people refer to “90’s comics” they usually don’t do it fondly, but I was a kid and I was eating that stuff