The end to Breaking Bad is near, watch the newly-released teasers here

August is almost here and that means one thing. No, not Jose Aldo fighting again. No, not four solid UFC events with stacked cards. It means Breaking Bad. That’s right, we are only a few short weeks away from witnessing the finale to one of the greatest stories that has ever been told on Sunday

So it turns out that Sharknado was a giant flop

Man, what can I say about Sharknado that hasn’t already been said about the Thomas Jayne version of The Punisher? It had a lot of hype, there was some internet buzz going strong behind it, but as far as ratings go it was a total dud, but that doesn’t keep it from being a guilty

See, This is What You Do When a Bear Attacks You, Okay?

The irony of the virality of this video is not lost upon me, as it emanates from my home state of Rhode Island, which I have not visited in a number of years now thanks to the cost of plane tickets and how I don’t want to pay money to stay in a RI hotel

Watch as These Guys Make Mallgoers Believe Some Guy Killed Himself

Back maybe eight years ago or so, I bonded with a girl over strange things that we both liked, but what really sealed the deal (seal deal!?) was driving this girl from Connecticut to Rhode Island to my palatial estate (read: parent’s house) and discussing how great the scene from The Good Son where Macaulay

You Should Probably Watch This Sharknado Trailer Right Now

I’ve never had to experience a tornado, but I came close once. I was moving across the country with my family as a teen and we ended up driving through Kansas in the middle of a terrible storm. Our truck swayed back and forth and eventually we were forced to pull over to wait it

These 3-D Printed Spider Robots Are Horrifying

Spiders are one of the most terrifying creatures on the planet. They suck the blood of their prey for sustenance after wrapping them up in what basically amounts to an extravagant silk blanket. They are both deadly and elegant. Classy yet terrifying. These 3-D printed T-8 Octopod Robots sound like something from the Terminator movies

Top 5 Comic Books That Should Never Be Made Into Movies

When the film adaptation of Alan Moore’s Watchmen was released I was probably the most excited dude on planet earth. For many years it was said to be impossible to translate into the medium of film, but it seemed like Zack Snyder had somehow solved the puzzle. The trailers showed everything you’d want to see

My hometown is being terrorized by a really talented Simpsons graffiti artist

I call the sleepy suburb of Naperville, Illinois my home town. It’s one of those towns where nothing really happens outside of a stray soccer mom going crazy and killing her kids every 10-15 years or so (seriously). But in the few months since I’ve left good ‘ol Naperville for Los Angeles, things have turned

SyFy Network’s Defiance is My SciFi Guilty Pleasure

I grew up with science fiction, it somehow became really important to me as a kid and helped me to really think outside of the box and wonder what the universe was like. That means reading a lot of Star Wars alternate universe, Isaac Asimov and others as a kid, while still watching tons of