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Elaine Wynn Jiu Jitsu Grandma

71-yo Jiu-Jitsu Grandma Crushes Tournaments

One of the most common things to see from someone who is 71 years old is to be in a nursing home. However Elaine Wynn takes pride in being different, by being known as the BJJ Grandma. Wynn is most certainly not your average grandmother of seven. Sure, she may love spending time with her

Relson Gracie

BJJ Legend Relson Gracie Arrested For Trafficking Cannabis

Relson Gracie Arrested For Drug Trafficking In Brazil Relson Gracie, member of the legendary Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu family, was arrested over the weekend. He was caught apparently trying to traffick cannabis through Brazil. Relson is the second son of BJJ pioneer Helio Gracie. In addition to that, he is the brother of perhaps the most famous