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Tyron Woodley Training With Floyd Mayweather Is A ‘Disadvantage’, Says Jake Paul

Jake Paul says Tyron Woodley training with Floyd Mayweather is a bad idea.

Tyron Woodley Training With Floyd Mayweather Is A ‘Disadvantage’, Says Jake Paul

Jake Paul isn’t a fan of Floyd Mayweather, nor does he like the fact that the legendary boxer is training his opponent Tyron Woodley. 

However, it’s not for the reasons you might have thought. 

Woodley’s Disadvantage

Paul says he isn’t any more afraid of Woodley because he picked up the help of the 50-0 boxer. ‘The Problem Child’ instead thinks it goes against Woodley ahead of their highly-anticipated grudge match on August 29th. 

“I think it’s a disadvantage for him actually,” Paul told TMZ Sports. “Him like hopping around at different coaches, trying to learn different styles. That’s not how you progress in this sport. You progress with one coach, one pointed attention, doing the same things over and over again and then adding on top of that each time.”

‘Money’ Talks

After engaging in a physical altercation with the younger Paul brother, Mayweather offered to train the debuting Tyron Woodley for his entrance into the boxing ring. Woodley accepted the offer, making the most out of his opportunity to train with one of boxing’s greatest stars. 

Weeks later, ‘Money’ would cash out big after taking Jake Paul’s brother, Logan the distance in their ‘spectacle’ exhibition match. Mayweather’s war with the Paul’s would be continued with the 40 year-old teaching Woodley how to beat Jake Paul

Paul doesn’t see Woodley’s affiliation with Mayweather as a threat however. 

“Floyd didn’t even really have a strategy to go in and beat my brother. So how is he going to tell Tyron what to do?

“He sees what I’m doing in the sport and he wants to put an end to it. He’s a very greedy guy, he doesn’t want anyone to be more popular than him. I think he wants to see me lose and see this whole train stopped.”

Will the hype train of Jake Paul be stopped at the station? Or will the influencer-turned-boxer continue his undefeated streak against former UFC Champion Tyron Woodley. We will find out on August 29th. 

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