Mike Tyson And Evander Holyfield Stand To Make $100 Million In Potential Trilogy Fight

According to Holyfield's estimations, both fighters could make up to $100 million if they were to fight.

Tyson Evander
Mike Tyson & Evander Holyfield via Instagram

Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield had one of the most heated rivalries in all of boxing. They faced off in back-to-back fights in 1996 and 1997. Holyfield won both fights, the first one via TKO in the 11th round and the second one via DQ after the infamous Tyson bite.

Both fighters seem to be on good terms at this point in their lives and the animosity between them is completely gone. Holyfield even made an appearance on Tyson’s podcast “Hotboxing”.

Despite their newly found friendship, both men might be ready to put on the gloves and face each other once more. Holyfield in particular seems pretty excited about a potential trilogy fight, he discussed his desire to fight again on the Last Stand Podcast.

“I think It’ll be a lot of money and a lot of millions. I think 100 million. The fight would be big because so many people want the fight.”

“We’re the top two guys people want to see. There’s no reason to do it with anybody else other than Tyson.

“The only thing that I hear people talking about is they want Tyson and myself. And you know, this is what the world wants to see. But you’re not in that situation, so you have to want to do it. So, I guess we have to come together and do it.”

Evander also responded to if the fight would likely take place in 2021.

“I would say yes. I think it’s close. I think it’s something that we both want to do. I think it could happen.”

Tyson has already made his return to boxing last year when he faced Roy Jones jr in an 8 rounds exhibition fight. The bout ended in a draw. Tyson reportedly earned a $10 million purse before PPV points, the fight also sold 1.2 million PPVs.

There have already been rumors about Tyson and Holyfield being in talks for a fight in 2021. They could reportedly make up to $200 million for this fight.


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