Tyson Fury On Deontay Wilder “I Had To Taste His Blood”; Wants 2 Fights In 2021

Speaking with ESPN's Brett Okamoto, Tyson Fury describes how he took the opportunity to taste Deontay Wilder's blood in their highly publicized rematch.

Tyson Fury
Tyson Fury - Image via @ESPNMMA Youtube

Heavyweight boxing champion, Tyson Fury, has been noticeably absent from combat sports media this past year. However, ‘The Gipsy King’ has returned to the spotlight, in an interview with ESPN’s Brett Okamoto. The Heavyweight champ has previously verbalised his wishes to face off against fellow British boxer Anthony Joshua. In the interview, Fury speaks further on the potential Joshua fight, as well as his previous bout with Deontay Wilder.

“I Had To Taste His Blood”

One of the more bizarre moments from Fury vs Wilder 2, was a moment when Tyson Fury can be seen licking his opponent’s neck. Fury finally revealed the reason behind the eccentric action:

“In the pre-fight interview, I said I could taste Deontay Wilder’s blood this time. So I had an opportunity to do it. There in round 6. So I had to taste his blood. Just so I could get the feeling of what my prey tasted like. I was the hunter that night. I was like a lion and he was like a gazelle. A large gazelle. I took it down, and that was it. Game over.”

“The animal instinct comes out in the boxing ring. And it’s either him or you. But it is weird becuase Iv’e not noticed anyone lick anyone elses blood before. Hope he doesn’t have any germs or anything.”

Cold Water on the Joshua Fight

Fury vs Joshua is a fight that the combat sports community have been waiting for, for some time now. 2021 looked like it might finally be the year the two British heavyweights would collide, as they both appeared to verbally agree to fight. However, Fury remarked that it did not seem to be any indication that the fight is being made.

“Joshua, I’m not that optimitsic about lately. He only fought in December. So Decemeber to June is only 6 months out for him. So he’ll be a full in front of me in terms of activity. But I’m that much in front of him in terms of skill that a year of inactivity doesn’t really do that much. If your out regular, and your match fit, then you should be able to beat people who are inactive. That’s for sure.”

“But I don’t make excuses. I had 3 years out the ring, came back and beat Deontay Wilder’s ass. I’m sure I can beat Anthony Joshua with one hand tied behind my back. Even after having 16 months out the ring.”

They’ve had a full year to try and make this fight happen. Since the last Wilder fight. Even before the Wilder fight they were talking about the fight potentially between me and Joshua. They’ve had a full year to make something happen, and it hasn’t happened as of yet. So, it is what it is. Nothings happened. We’re no further forward today than we were a year ago.”

2 Fights This Year?

Whether the Joshua fight happens or not, Tyson Fury is still keen to remain active this year. 

“I’ve got 2 fights coming up this year. Regardless. Whoever it is. Joshua or not. If it’s not Joshua, we’re looking to fight middle of April, early May. And then again at the end of the year. And if it’s Joshua in June, then again at the end of the year. Bang bang, twice. So yeah, 2021 is looking bright.”


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