Paulie Malignaggi Gets Carried Like A Child After Face Off Altercation With Corey B (VIDEO)

Paulie Malignaggi got in an altercation during a face off with Corey B for their celebrity boxing match, and got literally carried away

Paulie Malignaggi Corey B
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While he was a legitimate boxer during the peak of his career, the last few years have not been kind to Paulie Malignaggi. The most recent incident saw him getting into an altercation during a face off for a celebrity boxing match with Corey B.

Malignaggi is apparently having a celebrity boxing match with social media influencer and so-called comedian Corey B. The two are set to face off in October, with this being the first fight since the retired boxing champ’s failed foray into bare knuckle.

While this circus is not until the fall, Paulie and Corey came face to face at a media day. As the video below shows, things got physical when Corey started doing some weird sort of dance before slapping Paulie’s neck, which led to a scuffle that ended with Paulie being lifted by security and carried away like a child, to the laughter of those in attendance.

The Downward Spiral of Paulie Malignaggi’s Career

It is tough to comprehend the idea that Paulie Malignaggi went from retiring as a two-weight world champion with a boxing record of 36-8, to being embarrassed by a security guard at a face off for a celebrity boxing fight. It is a clear indicator of the trajectory of his career.

Things began to plummet for his brand after his time training with Conor McGregor, for the Irishman’s fight with Floyd Mayweather. Since then he has been fired from his analyst work for Showtime, and lost a bare knuckle fight to an MMA fighter with a losing record.

It is a shame that the career of Paulie Malignaggi has found him in a place where he is fighting a TikTok comedian, in a celebrity boxing match that nobody even heard about. One can only hope for his sake that he is able to at least look good in this fight, against someone with no fighting experience.

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