Boxer Patrick Day Scary Knockout Loss Results In Coma And Emergency Surgery

Patrick Day
Patrick Day - Image via @The Boxing Browser Youtube

Patrick Day ends up in a fight for his life coma following a brutal knockout loss.

Athletes, regardless of discipline, always take a risk when they step onto their battlefield of choice. And unfortunately, a recent boxing matchup ended with Junior middleweight boxer Patrick Day, 27, being carried out of the ring on a stretcher.

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His horrific knockout loss in the 10th round against Charles Conwell, 21, in a DAZN undercard fight (Oleksander Usyk-Chazz Witherspoon) last night in Chicago; resulted in multiple seizures on the way to the hospital, and a medically-induced coma, according to the New York Daily News.

Conwell knocked Day down a few times prior to the big knockout which occurred from a right to the ear followed by a devastating left hook. Patrick Day hit the canvas very hard and was transported to the Northwestern Memorial hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.

Here’s a video of the knockout which occurred around the 1:25 mark and it’s a terrifying sight…

Also, Charles Conwell sends prayers to Patrick:

Things are looking pretty grim at the moment for the 2012 Daily News Golden Gloves title recipient but we’re truly hoping for a turnaround sometime soon. 

Several boxers have succumbed to boxing-related injuries this year, one of which was Russian Maxim Dadashev who passed away three days after being in a coma due to sustained hits to the head during the fight.

But let’s hope for a positive outcome in the case of 27-year-old Patrick Day. 

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2 thoughts on “Boxer Patrick Day Scary Knockout Loss Results In Coma And Emergency Surgery”

  1. Who gives a care about KNOCKED OUT AND LOSS,the man may lose his future,maybe even his life.If he pulls through,he may never be the same from stroke and swelling.I thought he was in a Zab Judah typed episode,arms down and leaning prior to last left hook and impact with canvas.I dont wish to see people hurt for entertainment.I think we must stop these much sooner.Out of respect,DAZN is not playing the sequence,to bad Fox News and OTHERS did not display in such honor.MAY GOD BLESS PATRICK DAY….Every human body acts different when in peril.Arms down,idle,leaning was this TOUGH MANS manner of his body stopping to register injury..I love this sport,but not today..My word,I WILL NOT WHINE WHEN EARLY STOPPAGES..We are not in ancient Roman times..PRAY FOR THIS MAN


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