Oscar De La Hoya Wants To Create An NBA Franchise With Floyd Mayweather In Las Vegas

"The Golden Boy" is interested in partnering with "Money" Mayweather

Oscar De La Hoya, Floyd Mayweather
Credit: Oscar De La Hoya, Floyd Mayweather (via Instagram)

Oscar De La Hoya wants to create an NBA franchise in Las Vegas with Floyd Mayweather.

After years of sharing a fiery beef with Mayweather, De La Hoya now wants to move on from the rivalry. De La Hoya’s boxing promotion, Golden Boy Promotions, has been in direct competition with Mayweather Promotions, with the two taking verbal shots at each other from time to time.

Oscar De La Hoya wants to create an NBA Franchise in Las Vegas with Floyd Mayweather

In an interview with Fight Hype, De La Hoya shared his desire to create a basketball franchise with the undefeated boxer, via Mirror.

“I’m actually moving to Vegas my home will be done around May next year. So, building there, so maybe there is something for us [De La Hoya and Mayweather] to do in Vegas together.

“Some kind of business or I hear that the NBA may possibly go into town and so maybe we can join up and become a powerhouse there and help bring the team to the home that we built. We built Las Vegas – literally. Let’s just move on. I actually recently, several months ago, just said ‘I wish him all the best.’”

“Golden Boy” admires Mayweather for being a pioneer

De La Hoya lauded “Money” Mayweather for driving innovation in the sport. Even in his time off from competition, Mayweather has been raking in the big bucks with exhibition outings in the role of an entertainer.

“It’s funny because everything that he is or he was or how he was promoting, he’s a pioneer. He’s a pioneer. If you think about it, everything he stands for, everything he did, in the past, in the present, now, what he’s going to do in the future it’s like he’s leading the way, he’s charging the way so it’s very admirable.”

A partnership between the two could make for interesting results but it’s unlikely Mayweather will accept the olive branch considering his unfavorable view of De La Hoya.

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