Video: 53 year old Mike Tyson teaching people to punch is still scary as hell

53 Year Old Mike Tyson Scary

Know what? Maybe EA Sports should just put 2019 Mike Tyson in their next game.

That’s kind of DLC content MiddleEasy needs in their life. Just a weed smoking, bearded Iron Mike knocking out the UFC’s entire roster. Not just heavyweights, let’s see Tyson punch out Henry Cejduo for no good reason whatsoever.

Let modern day Tyson fight in a polo in khakis to. Tyson in alternate outfits just knocking out Ben Askren, Jon Jones, and of course Greg Hardy. Run that back on a virtual loop. 53-year-old Mike Tyson could knockout Colby Covington any day of the week.

Just roll out of his goose down, KO Colby, and roll right back to sleep with a blunt still in his mouth. The light would never go out either.

When the MMA world last saw Tyson he was trying to teach UFC flyweight champion Henry Cejduo how to smoke weed. Mike really tried here, but there’s no saving Henry. Before that, reports surfaced Tyson was building a 40-acre weed ranch/resort somewhere in California.

With all due respect to his Cartoon Network Mystery solving career, Tyson’s real life remains so much stranger than anything fiction could ever come up with.

Back in this reality, physical not virtual, Tyson still has them hands. Like 50 something Mike Tyson walks around like any other 50 year old adult. Then a flip switches on when anyone asks Tyson anything about boxing.

That power of muscle memory is real inside the body of Iron Mike. In the video below, Tyson holds an impromptu striking class in the hallways of BT Sports.

Just look at Mike pivot on a dime. Crouch down and throw machine gun punches like it’s October 18, 1987.

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