Mike Tyson’s Ex-Rival Julius Francis Argues He Didn’t Mean To KO Hostile Patron

"Iron" Mike's old foe talked about the viral video defending his intentions

Julius Francis
Credit: iFL TV, Football Fights (via YouTube & Twitter)

Julius Francis, a former opponent of Mike Tyson, claims that he didn’t want to knock out the rowdy customer.

Recently, a clip of former heavyweight star Francis did rounds on the internet. Francis was seen in the video knocking out a rowdy patron while on duty as a security guard in London. Although he was backed by the BOXPARK venue he was working outside, he lost his license as a security guard following the incident, effectively ruling him out of work.

Mike Tyson’s ex-rival Julius Francis argues that he didn’t mean to KO hostile patron

In an interview with iFL TV, Julius Francis talked about the incident and claimed that he didn’t mean to knock out the hostile patron.

“I can’t say that it was something that I wanted to do but it landed on the button and put the guy out. It stopped the incident dead but it isn’t something I wanted to do.

“I always say and always have said that the last thing a heavyweight fighter loses is his punch. We might get fat, we might get old and lose our fitness but it is just second nature to us.”

Francis claims there was more to it than seen in the video

While the video only portrays Francis’ knockout, he claims that there was more than meets the eye. Francis alleged that the patron had been causing a disturbance inside the venue for longer before eventually stepping outside for the confrontation.

“I wasn’t really first involved with the situation but there was an incident inside the venue that escalated. The video what you see outside the venue is the last minute of what was happening for more than five minutes.

“I don’t go to work looking to hit someone or have a confrontation, that is the last thing I would ever want to do but it was just unfortunate. But we have still got it when we need to pull it out.”

A brief investigation was opened to look into the matter but the Metropolitan Police concluded that no action needed to be taken.

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