Mike Tyson Worries Fans After Incoherent Speech In Interview

Fans Are Concerned After Mike Tyson Sounds Incoherent In A Recent Interview, 'Iron' Mike Responds

Mike Tyson
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There were already some questions on how safe it is for Mike Tyson to fight Roy Jones Jr. After “Iron” Mike gave a recent interview, the concerns for safety were amplified.

While there was certainly a large portion of fans excited at the prospect of Tyson stepping in the ring again, others were not as convinced that this was a good thing. Sure, there was some pretty solid looking training footage released, and the rules of the bout seemed to be set up in a way to protect both he and Jones Jr., but both men are in their 50’s and well past their primes. It would appear that some of these concerns are validated too, after Mike did an interview on Good Morning Britain. This interview saw the 54-year old speaking with slurred speech and sounding incoherent, leaving fans concerned for the state of his health, or if he were under the influence.


Mike Tyson Responds To Concerns

Naturally hearing him speak like this had a lot of fans concerned that Mike Tyson was not okay. Speculation ranged from suggestions that he was high or drunk, to questions about the amount of brain trauma that he has taken. However the former heavyweight champion took to his Twitter to clear the air on the concerns. Here he tagged the hosts of the show as well as the show itself, apologizing and explaining that he was tired and did not have a monitor to see where he was supposed to look.

“Hey mate @piersmorgan @GMB @susannareid100 and UK. I tried to stay up late for interview but fell asleep and like a lion I’m hard to wake once asleep. Training hard and going to bed early. I had no monitor so I couldn’t see you guys and forgot to look into camera.”

This prompted a response from Piers Morgan, who was one of the hosts of the interview. He assured Tyson that it was okay, and that they could tell he was tired.

“No problem, Champ.

We could see you were a bit weary! It was very late in LA.

Appreciate this message as some viewers were concerned.”

Do you think Mike Tyson was just struggling because he was tired? Or is there something else at play here?

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