Mike Tyson Likens Cancel Culture To ‘Communism’ On Alex Jones Show

Tyson appeared as a guest on The Alex Jones Show after hosting the controversial right-wing figure on his own podcast.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson took the risky route of hosting Alex Jones on his podcast.

Jones is a controversial right-wing figure known for peddling a number of conspiracy theories. This is one of the reasons why he is banned on a number of social media platforms, including Spotify.

That didn’t stop Joe Rogan from having him on as a guest multiple times over the years, though those episodes weren’t left unscathed.

Tyson followed suit by recently hosting Jones on his Hotboxin’ podcast.

However, the episode was reportedly scrapped after pressure from corporate entities. Tyson also proceeded to receive criticism online for giving Jones a platform in the first place.

The former heavyweight champion didn’t seem to mind too much though. He would go on to appear on Jones’ show where he showered him with praise.

“[Alex] you’re just a beautiful brother,” Tyson told Jones on his show. “I know you love people and people love you. if someone loves you, you can’t be bad.”

Mike Tyson: Cancel Culture Is Communism

Jones would bring up cancel culture during the show and decided to ask Tyson what his thoughts on it were.

To that, Tyson responded:

“Communists man,” Tyson said “’If he [Jones] is bad, then we all don’t like him and if you like him, you’re bad too.’ That’s communism.”

You can watch the clip below:

A number of conspiracy theories have been ascribed to Jones, including the white genocide, vaccinations, 9/11, and climate change. 

What do you think of Mike Tyson’s decision to have Alex Jones as a guest on his show?

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