Boxing Judge Joins Eddie Hearn’s $100m Lawsuit Against Jake Paul For Separate Damages

Glenn Feldman joined Hearn's defamation suit against 'The Problem Child' for allegations of fight fixing

Eddie Hearn, Jake Paul
Credit: Eddie Hearn, Jake Paul (via Instagram)

Boxing judge Glenn Feldman has joined Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn’s $100 million lawsuit for allegations of fight fixing against Jake Paul, seeking separate damages.

Internet sensation Paul is being sued by Feldman after alleging he got paid by Hearn to unfairly score the historic fight between Amanda Serrano and Katie Taylor in the favor of Hearn’s boxer. ‘The Problem Child’ even accused the fight between Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua to have been fixed, which was also judged by Feldman.

Boxing judge joins Eddie Hearn’s $100m lawsuit against Jake Paul for separate damages

After initial warnings to apologize for the statement failed, Hearn proceeded with his threat of taking legal action. Last month, he filed a $100m defamation lawsuit against Jake Paul for allegations of bribing judges. ESPN first reported that Hearn’s attorney Frank Salzano informed them about Feldman joining the lawsuit. He seeks separate damages of an undisclosed amount which is likely more than the $75,000 jurisdictional requirement.

“[Paul’s] statements have harmed Feldman’s reputation in the public, impute the commission of a crime, and/or call into question Feldman’s fitness to perform his work in his trade and profession,” Salzano wrote in the complaint.

Paul alleged Feldman got paid by Hearn

Feldman is a renowned boxing judge who has worked at many high-profile matches including Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao in May 2015. Paul took issue with Feldman’s scoring of the two boxing fights involving Hearn’s athletes, Taylor vs. Serrano and Usyk vs. Joshua. Feldman was the only judge who gave the nod to Joshua over Usyk, who won by a split decision.

“Glenn Feldman, shows up in Saudi and scores Anthony Joshua to win the fight. Everyone watched the fight, it’s not a split decision. Usyk had a runaway victory, clearly won the fight. This judge, Glenn Feldman, gives it to Anthony Joshua? It’s like a repeated crime here. This type of sh*t, I’m going to call it out here in boxing because it’s bullsh*t.

“Clearly, this guy is getting paid money by Matchroom Boxing. That’s a bold statement and an accusation that I don’t take lightly, but it’s just blatantly obvious. You would think they would bring a different judge that f*cked up the scoring of Taylor-Serrano to Saudi Arabia.”

Jake Paul is gearing up to face legendary mixed martial artist Anderson Silva this Saturday in his toughest test yet. He is yet to respond to the new legal problems Feldman added his way.

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