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Jorge Masvidal’s Manager Pushing For Jake Paul Boxing Match

Malki Kawa is going to do whatever it takes to make Jorge Masvidal vs. Jake Paul happen.

Jorge Masvidal’s Manager Pushing For Jake Paul Boxing Match

Jake Paul’s toughest test to date is on the horizon.

We are only a few hours away from witnessing internet sensation Jake Paul take on former UFC Champion Tyron Woodley. The contest won’t be in Octagon however. It takes place in the boxing ring, on Paul’s home turf of Cleveland, Ohio. 

With the fight about to take place, there is (as expected) a waiting line of people that want to fight ‘The Problem Child’. One of which is a former friend of Jake’s… Jorge Masvidal

Training Together

Masvidal would ride along with the younger Paul brother on his conquest to defeat Ben Askren, a fighter the two both have distaste for. ‘Gamebred’ would complete his game quite easily, taking less than 5 seconds to knockout the takedown artist. A flying knee would do the trick for the Miami-based fighter.

For Paul, it would be a slick one-two combination that would end Askren’s boxing debut. 

Masvidal would meet up and train with Paul, giving him pointers on how to beat the unbeaten Ben Askren. Paul & Masvidal seemed like good friends in the lead-up to the boxing match. Fast forward from April to now and it doesn’t appear to be the same energy surrounding Paul’s 2021 sequel. 

Everything Changes

It would all begin when Masvidal predicted that Paul would crumble against Woodley on ‘The MMA Hour‘. Word of Masvidal’s prediction would reach Paul and he was a fan no more.

Speaking to the media, Paul would target a potential fight with Masvidal.

Masvidal vs Paul?

There is one problem though. Masvidal is under UFC contract. Dana White has been known to prevent his stars (besides Conor McGregor) from entering the boxing ring such as Georges St-Pierre, when he wanted to box Oscar De La Hoya. 

Malki Kawa, owner of First Round Management, is looking to crack a deal with the UFC boss, to make this boxing match happen. Whether Paul falls to Woodley, doesn’t matter to them. They want to put the metaphorical nails in the coffin for the influencer’s boxing career. 

“Dana, we’ve had our moments, but I’m coming to Vegas in a couple of weeks with Masvidal.” Kawa told The Schmo. “I’m going to ask politely. I say, Dana, look,  you don’t like this kid [Jake], Woodley just knocked him out. Let’s just finish them off with Masvidal.”

“Dana is probably going to tell me, Hey, Mal, go f*ck yourself– We’re going to try it. I mean, look, the reality of it is it’s not gonna probably happen. Right. I don’t wanna get everybody happy out there. But that’s the issue. That’s the clout chasing, right? 

“He’s like ‘oh Masvidal was a hoe– Dana White, if I saw him in a club. I’m knocking his ass out.’ Like, come on, bro. What are we really talking about? You know what I mean?

“Like this, this is not going to happen. None of it’s going to: ‘I’ll fight Uzman right now, make Khabib this and that…’ Bro stop, stop. I’m not saying that these guys would beat him or wouldn’t beat him, but you’re calling people out that can’t fight. Call the people that are not in contract, that you can actually go make a deal with. If that’s Vitor Belfort, go do that. If it’s Anderson Silva, do that. You know what I mean? Stop doing the, oh, I’m going to fight [whoever] because at the end of the day, it’s not happening. And that’s what is clout chasing. Using Masvidal’s name because if Masvidal hits the retweet button that says, ‘oh you’re a punk’. Then people start to build that up.

“That’s what [Paul] wants. And he’s smart. I think he’s very smart for it. I think he’s super smart for doing that.”

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