Joe Rogan Backs Jake Paul To Knock Out Eddie Hearn’s Fighter

Joe Rogan showed his support for Jake Paul following his heated exchange with Eddie Hearn

Joe Rogan, Jake Paul
Credit: Joe Rogan, Jake Paul (via YouTube & Facebook)

Joe Rogan suggested the possibility that Jake Paul knocks out a fighter under Eddie Hearn.

This past weekend, boxing promoter Eddie Hearn partnered with YouTube sensation Jake Paul to put on the biggest fight in women’s boxing history. Irish pioneer Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano became the first two females to headline the iconic Madison Square Garden in New York.

Joe Rogan believes Paul can KO Hearn’s fighter

In a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, the UFC color commentator discussed the historic women’s fight with guest Radio Rahim. To Rogan’s surprise, he found out about Jake Paul’s involvement in the event as a co-promoter and lauded the Ohio-native’s hustle.

Rogan weighed in on the heated exchange Paul had with Hearn as he expressed support for ‘The Problem Child’ stating that he could knock out a fighter on Eddie Hearn’s roster.

“The conversation he had with Eddie Hearn, where he says, ‘I will knock out any one of your guys that has under ten fights.'”

“You could see Eddie Hearn like ‘sh*t’. He is kind of stuck there because those guys under ten fights, what if Jake Paul knocks one of them out? What if you get a guy that hasn’t been tested, maybe has some promise, maybe gets wrapped up in the hype, maybe he gets a little nervous and this is his first chance at a big, big, big show. Jake Paul can crack, a 100 percent!

“That knockout of Tyron Woodley is legit as f**k. He can crack.”

As one of the premier promoters in boxing, Eddie Hearn has a roster of over 400 fighters. From the top of the food chain all the way down to rising prospects, Hearn manages a wide array of fighters under him. While a fight against Paul could do wonders for one of the fighters on the come-up, it comes with a big risk of losing credibility in the game.

Is Paul a real boxer? Rogan thinks so

Starting his career off against other famous stars, Jake Paul boxed his way through celebrity matches to eventually knockout world champions. The 25-year-old shocked the world when he knocked out Ben Askren in the first round last April. He then followed up with an even more appalling knockout of former UFC welterweight titleholder Tyron Woodley.

Rogan believes Paul to be a real boxer due to the technical prowess he has displayed in his fights. The comedian touched on Paul’s canceled bout against Tommy Fury, who he suggested would’ve been the real test.

“We would’ve gotten some answers if Tommy Fury didn’t get injured leading up to that fight because he was the initial opponent. So if (Paul) fought him we would’ve got some real answers and that would be an interesting fight.”

“If Jake Paul wasn’t Jake Paul, if he wasn’t this YouTube guy, he was just a boxer and you see a boxer knockout the former UFC welterweight champion, not just the former but one of the best ever, knock him out with one punch like that. You’d be like, ‘Oh man! Have you seen this Jake Paul dude coming up? He’s f**king for real.'”

“He fights like a boxer. He doesn’t fight like a guy who’s trying to box in a celebrity boxing match. He fights like a boxer so if he wasn’t that guy, if he wasn’t that big YouTube star and you just saw him as a boxing contender, you’d be like ‘That dude’s got dynamite in his hands.'”

As much as people love to hate on Jake Paul, there’s no denying he brings a big audience with him to the sport. A match against one of the upcoming fighters under Eddie Hearn could make for a high-risk high-reward contest. While the possibility remains uncertain as of now, it’s not too far-fetched to see it coming to reality.

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