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Video: Joe Rogan & Eddie Bravo talk Andy Ruiz vs. Francis Ngannou, we listen

Video: Joe Rogan & Eddie Bravo talk Andy Ruiz vs. Francis Ngannou, we listen

It will happen and it may happen sooner than you think. Look into it. It may not be Andy Ruiz vs. Francis Ngannou, but the day will come when two heavyweights square off in the cage or ring.

Not today, not tomorrow, but someday soon a desperate MMA promoter will partner up with a desperate boxing promoter. The result will be a heavyweight freak show heaven. A chef’s kiss in the air at the mere thought.

The combat sports world has been down this road too many times in the past, not to peak down it for old time’s sake. Maybe this time instead of the most famous boxer in the world boxing the world’s most famous MMA fighter, it will be the pugilist stepping into the cage.

Only a few dominoes would need to break the right way for a popular boxer to try his hand in the UFC. Dana White has been burned so many times with cross promotion in the past, he needs another crack at it. James Toney being embarrassed back in 2010 ain’t what it used to be.

Plus what if boxing does actually die (LOL) like the UFC told us it would 14 years ago?

McGregor getting tooled by Mayweather still has to eating at White. The UFC President doesn’t lose often, but if a boxing vs. MMA freak show fight ever happens again, expect White to stack the deck in his favor.

For now, let’s just enjoy a stoned Joe Rogan and an even more high Eddie Bravo talk Ruiz vs. Ngannou, Yeah but what about Andy Ruiz vs. Francis Ngannou in a cage.

Think of the eight sided possibilities.

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