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Jake Paul Jabs ‘Emotional’ Tyron Woodley: “You’re Afraid”

Jake Paul goes into monologue mode against Tyron Woodley.

Jake Paul Jabs ‘Emotional’ Tyron Woodley: “You’re Afraid”

Fight day is almost upon us, with Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley on Sunday. 

As we get closer to the high-stakes boxing event, there has not been a cease-fire in the war of words between the top influencer and the former UFC Champion. 

Paul’s notoriety (and confidence) is higher than ever. This would be the result of Paul’s last fight, where he only took a minute to finish former ONE champion Ben Askren, back in April. The digital superstar did a lot of talking, but he also did the walking, delivering on his pre-fight promises. 

The fun for Paul wouldn’t stop there.

‘The Problem Child’ doesn’t have a problem cutting up promos ahead of his Showtime Boxing main event against the debuting Tyron Woodley. Verbal battles over the mic between the two is setting up the Sunday night fight for record-breaking numbers in terms of pay-per-view. 

Paul would answer the call when Showtime dialed his number for a ‘Face 2 Face‘ setting with his adversary Woodley. Another attempt to get inside the head of T-Wood would occur. 

“I see it through his shirt. His heart rate is sky high right now.” Paul said.  “I think deep down, he knows what’s coming, but he doesn’t want to face that. And he’s trying to convince himself, ‘oh, this kid’s not that good,’ but he knows deep down.  His coaches know. He knows what I am made of. I think he knows what’s coming two days from now. I see it.”

“You’re afraid, your back’s up against the wall. You’re like a dog in a cage, scared, lashing out like you did yesterday.
Emotional.  You’re trying to pull it together, but you’ve never been on this big of a stage at all. The pressure’s cracking you.

“He doesn’t respect me, Paul told Ariel Helwani. “I think deep down, deep, deep down, he knows that he has to respect me. That’s where the confusion comes from. You’re going to see that on Sunday when he gets hit with that first jab… it’s going to break him.”

The end of Paul’s monologue leaves Woodley clapping like he just saw a movie. T-Wood was left noticeably unfazed. He awaits Sunday night to make Paul pay for his mental warfare. 

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