Jake Paul Has Backstage Altercation With Tommy Fury After Tyron Woodley Fight

Following his win over Tyron Woodley, Jake Paul had a backstage altercation with potential next opponent Tommy Fury

Jake Paul Tommy Fury
Image via YouTube - BT Sport Boxing

There are a lot of signs pointing to the idea that Jake Paul will fight Tyson Fury’s brother Tommy Fury after his recent win over Tyron Woodley. Following this event, the two nearly came to blows in a backstage scuffle, caught on camera.

On the same card that saw Paul beat Woodley, Fury went four rounds with Anthony Taylor in a rather uneventful bout. However the placing of Tommy on the same card as Jake, made some wonder if these two would end up fighting each other next, especially since Tommy was on Jake’s hit list of opponents he wants to fight.

It seems that this fight almost came to fruition backstage after the event concluded late Sunday night. A video was posted by BT Sport, which shows an interaction between the two backstage. It started to get more tense until groups of people had to intervene and separate both parties.

“What’s good son? Paul asked.

“Listen, you need to stop running my friend, and let’s get it on,” Fury responded before things got hectic. “Take the fight!”


Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Next?

Despite the legitimate heat that seems to be between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury, it is unclear if this will be the next fight for the YouTuber. In fact, in the post-fight presser, Jake made it clear that he was not particularly blown away by Tommy’s performance, or the amount of attention Tommy brought along with him.

“Will we see that fight? I would run that fight, easy. That’s an easier fight than Tyron in my opinion, but who knows. People are like ‘He’s a real boxer, fight a real boxer.’ Like, okay let’s run it, real boxer,” Jake said.

“If he sold a lot of pay-per-views in the UK and we’re impressed with the numbers, sure. But I put him on this platform, so we’ll see what happens.”

Do you want to see Jake Paul fight Tommy Fury next? How does that fight play out, if they do end up meeting in the ring?

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