Gervonta Davis Sets Up Huge Punch To Knockout Rolando Romero – Results (Highlights)

'Tank' landed a huge straight left that sent 'Rolly' straight to the canvas in the sixth round of their contest

Gervonta Davis
Credit: Showtime (via Twitter)

Gervonta Davis vs. Rolando Romero

Round 1: The fight kicks off with Rolando Romero throwing multiple jabs at distance but none land, it seems like he’s measuring his range. Gervonta Davis, cool and composed blitzes in with a right but doesn’t land. Davis goes for the body. Davis is sharp and quick with his movement as he moves in for a body shot and right back. Romero moves forward maintaining distance with his jab. Davis is on the outside dodging the jab. Davis goes in with a couple of right hands but misses. Romero tries again with more jabs but misses as well. 

Davis walks up to Romera and asks, “what happened to round one?”

Round 2: Romero continues his work with the jab keeping Davis on the outside. Romero lands a left and another. Davis argues he was pushed to the floor. Good jab and left hand by Romero, increasing the pace now. Romero is going after Davis with multiple heavy shots. Davis doesn’t look hurt but has conceded more than he has landed. Nice left hand by Davis lands. Romero using his jab as a range finder effectively. Romero keeps hitting Davis in the clinch.

Round 3: Romero pounces on Davis right from the get-go. Davis circling on the outside still more defensive in his approach so far. Romero comes in, faints a right, and connects with a left hook and a combination. Romero throws a flurry of punches to break Davis’s guard. Nothing heavy landed. Davis connects with a counter left. Davis trying to land multiple strikes but fails to connect.

Round 4: Romero is inside the circle and measuring his range with the jab. Davis goes in for a clinch. Romero moving forward. Cautious inside the ring, both fighters. Davis faints a left to the body. Romero steps in with the jab and hits with two punches while moving forward. Davis goes forward with a straight left. Another left grazes past Romero. 

Round 5: Romero opens with his jab keeping distance. Both men in the middle of the ring looking to connect. Davis steps in line to connect with a shot to the body. Romero goes in, misses and gets hit with a left. Another left by Davis on the jaw. Davis yells out in pain based on his hands but doesn’t seem to be hurt. Romero hits with a right, Davis goes for the clinch. Davis loads on a left to the body. 

Round 6: Romero continues his trend with the jab. Davis talking to the crowd here as he walks back from Romero. In the clinch now. Romero hits a low blow. Davis is moving on the outside displaying his lateral movement abilities. Romero rushing in with a flurry of strikes. Davis connects with a big left and down goes Romero.

The referee has stopped the fight.

Official Result: Gervonta Davis defeated Rolando Romero by TKO (Sixth Round).

You can watch the highlights below:

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