Gervonta Davis Tanked With 14 Charges Of Hit-And-Run, Faces Serious Prison Time

Pro Boxer Gervonta Davis fights a new legal challenge outside the ring.

Gervonta Davis
Gervonta Davis

Boxing Star Gervonta Davis just got hit with a plethora of criminal charges for a recent hit-and-run incident he was involved in. The crime occurred in November 2020 where Davis crashed into four people. The injuries he dealt to the victims would land Davis more than seven years in prison.

Behind The Wheel

After driving a knockout win over Leo Santa Cruz on November 5th, “Tank” would blast his Lamborghini Urus past a red light and into a Toyota. He and his passenger would collect their things and evade the scene in a ‘getaway’ car, per witnesses. 

Davis would crash a nightclub for his 26th birthday on November 7th, moments before crashing his vehicle in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Long Arm Of The Law

The State Attorney’s Office of Baltimore would drop some legal punches on the boxer, hitting him with 14 criminal charges months after the incident. Davis had failed to remain at the scene of accident, failed to report the accident, and failed to stop at a red light. On top of all of this, Davis’s license was suspended at the time of the hit-and-run.

If the court proceeds to convict him on all 14 charges, Davis will spend his days in a cell rather than a ring for a possible 7 years and 55 days (maximum). 

The hit-and-run would injure four people in the process. However, they look to make a full recovery.

“Fortunately, the victims in this case were able to survive this alleged hit and run collision with recoverable injuries despite the potential for a far worst scenario.” said State Attorney Marilyn Mosby.

“My office will continue to do our part to hold reckless drivers accountable when their harmful actions put innocent lives in jeopardy.”

Prosecutor also adds that they have a surveillance evidence:

“The defendant and the unidentified female passenger were captured on camera leaving from the scene in the Camaro,” prosecutors say.

Davis has been charged with following: (via ESPN)

  • Four counts of Failure to immediately return and remain at scene of accident involving bodily injury 1 year
  • Failure of driver involved in accident to render reasonable assistance to injured person 60 days
  • Failure of vehicle driver involved in accident to furnish req. ID and license 60 days
  • Failure of vehicle driver involved in accident to exhibit license to police 60 days
  • Failure of vehicle driver involved in accident to report to nearest police 60 days
  • Failure of vehicle driver in accident to locate and notify owner of unattended property of damage 60 days
  • Failure of vehicle driver in accident to furnish required ID information in writing on unattended vehicle property 60 days
  • Person driving motor vehicle on highway on suspended license and privilege 1 year
  • Person driving motor vehicle on highway on revoked license and privilege 1 year
  • Driving motor vehicle on highway without required license and authorization 60 days
  • Driver fail to stop at steady circular red signal.

A New Fight

 The undefeated prospect’s 24-0 record will be on hold for quite a while. The new boxing ring will take place inside the courtroom as the Floyd Mayweather protégé fights yet another legal battle. 

This isn’t the first time Davis has been arrested. Davis has been arrested for assault back-to-back in 2017 and 2018. “Tank” was also captured on video and later arrested for physically mistreating his girlfriend back in February 2020. 


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