Eddie Hearn “Can’t Help Be Drawn In By” Jake Paul’s Confidence To Beat Tommy Fury

Eddie Hearn backed Jake Paul to beat Tommy Fury in their upcoming match

Eddie Hearn, Jake Paul, Tommy Fury
Credit: MMA Fighting, Jake Paul, Tommy Fury (via YouTube & Instagram)

Eddie Hearn has backed Jake Paul to defeat Tommy Fury.

YouTube sensation Jake Paul will take on Tommy Fury in an exhibition boxing match this August. They were initially scheduled to compete against each other last December but will finally fight after months of delay.

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn believes Paul has better chance to come out on top of that contest.

Eddie Hearn backs Jake Paul to beat Tommy Fury

In a recent appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Hearn offered his support for Paul to beat Fury. He believes Paul’s confidence makes him stand out whereas Fury might look better on paper, but not by much.

“I think he probably does. They’re about the same kind of level but the problem with Jake is you listen to him and you can’t help be drawn in by the confidence.

“I’m now drawn in by the confidence and putting him as a guy who deserves to be a boxer. Yet on paper Tommy Fury should beat him easy. But then you watch Tommy Fury and you think well actually you’re not very good either. But what is good about the fight is it’s a 50/50 fight.”

 Tommy losing to Paul would be “the most embarrassing thing”: Hearn

Hearn says that it would be the most embarrassing thing for Fury, and his family if he loses to Paul. Both camps exchanged a good amount of trash talk leading up to the first scheduled event and there seem to be some doubts here.

“I don’t actually know who’s going to win that fight. If Tommy Fury loses, it is genuinely the most embarrassing thing that could ever happen to him, and obviously, you’ve got Tyson, you’ve got John Fury. If Jake loses, his career is over so therefore it’s quite exciting.”

He also believes that the event will be a bigger spectacle for the UK audience than for the US market.

“I think it’s a lot bigger in the UK than it is here because Tommy Fury was on Love Island, he’s also Tyson Fury’s cousin. Jake Paul is a big star in the UK.

“I’m not sure it’s going to knock the socks off pay-per-view in the US and I’m not sure how it does on the gate.”

Jake Paul will fight Tommy Fury on Aug 6 at Madison Square Garden along with Amanda Serrano on the same card.

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