Anderson Silva Outclasses Bruno Machado In Boxing Exhibition Match – (Highlights)

'The Spider' looked as good as ever as he outclassed his opponent in the exhibition match

Anderson Silva
Credit: Global Titans

Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva returned to competition in boxing against Bruno Machado at Global Titans Fight Series. Following his retirement from MMA, ‘The Spider’ chose to pursue a new venture in June 2021.

Silva was going into the bout looking to extend his win streak to three after beating his first two opponents. Machado had been staying in the UAE for the past few years competing in UAE Warriors.

Anderson Silva vs. Bruno Machado

Round 1: Silva comes out in southpaw stance. Both try to measure distance with caution. Machado and Silva trying to feel each other out. Machado misses a body shot. Silva misses a triple jab. Silva lands light strikes to the body. Silva on the outside circling Machado. Quick counter miss from Silva. 

Round 2: Silva tries a jab. Both are in the middle trying to land a shot. Machado goes for the body. He’s moved more in the round putting the pressure on Silva who’s cornered now. Big right hand by Machado. Silva pushes him away after ducking shots in the corner. 

Round 3: Anderson Silva tries a straight combination to the face and body but misses. Silva being the more stable fighter, very calm in his movement. Silva has his eyes locked on Machado and has let his hands loose. A flurry of punches landed by Silva as he pushes Machado back. Machado hasn’t connected as much as Silva this round. Silva dodges more attempts by Machado.

Round 4: Both fighters start active with multiple attempts. Silva moves around on the outside of the line. More pressure by Silva to push back Machado. Machado tries more punches but misses. Silva lands a clean left hook on the jaw. Silva seems comfortable in the round.

Round 5: Machado opens with multiple jab attempts. Silva being slick with his movement to step into Machado’s guard and land some light strikes. Machado being more careful with his movement now. Machado lands a left on the side of Silva’s head. Silva lands a left hook. Machado hits two uppercuts on Silva’s guard. Silva pushes him back into a corner. Power shot missed by Silva. Silva looking fired up in the last seconds of the round.
Silva clips Machado after the bell. As he was landing multiple punches, the two continued to brawl. Silva connected a multiple punch combination before hitting Machado with a right that sent him down to the canvas. The shot came after the bell.

Round 6: Machado is stteping on his back foot to open the round. Machado being more careful and hesitant to step in with his rival. Less output from both fighters in this round. Both fighters maintain distance. Machado tries a low body shot. Silva hits another left uppercut. 

Round 7: Silva lands a straight jab as the two bounce around the ring. Silva pushes Machado back with multiple jabs. Silva moving in closet with Machado. He’s backed Machado into a corner. Silva lands an uppercut, Machado has his guard up and isn’t doing much. Referee separates the pair. Machado moving forward but his hands are getting lower. Silva keeps distance towards the end.

Round 8: Silva opens up bouncing. He pushed Machado to a corner . Silva in cruise control as he closes distance and lands multiple strikes to the body. Machado moves around and keeps his guard up. Both return to the middle of the ring. Big uppercut by Silva, he was looking for the finishing blow but did not get it.

Anderson Silva would’ve likely got the win here by unanimous decision.

Check out the highlights below:

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