MVP is “Crushing Cans” and “Everyone ‘Can’ Get It”

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Michael “Venom” Page Not Bothered By “Can Crusher” Comments

Do MMA fans think that Michael “Venom” Page is upset at their “can crusher” comments? For MVP, he takes on the title head first as a compliment. Many fans are under the impression that Bellator finds random people to fight MVP. Furthermore, they believe that these “plants” are strategically placed in the promotion to simply make Page a star in Bellator. So, after MVP “crushed” Shinsho Anzai at Bellator Japan, he shared his thoughts on exactly what being a can crusher means to him.

Fans have been very critical of the opponents that are given to MVP throughout his Bellator run. And, the promotion is probably more to blame for that than MVP is himself. In Page’s defense, he has been adamant about calling out Douglas Lima for a rematch. Lima is the only person so far to defeat Page since he’s been with the promotion.

MVP Speaks About “Can Crusher” Comments

However, it seems like Bellator keeps giving MVP opponents that he can handle easily. So easily, that he can use his trademark flashy style to provide highlight reel KO’s for the company’s video catalog. During his post-fight interview, he explained his mindset when it comes to his flashy performances against opponents.

“Because we already know, people that truly understand MMA, they know these opponents, they know what they’ve gone through, they know their standard. And they still call them a can. That just means I’m making them look like that,” said page.

“It says I’m on the right track in terms of the fashion I’m winning in. Everyone keeps going on about this ‘crushing cans.’ And I’m going to start agreeing with you, and everyone ‘can’ get it,” said MVP.

Who Is To Blame

Who do fans blame for MVP’s opponents in Bellator so far? Also, is there a problem with his matchmaking or are fans okay with him continuing to make memorable highlights?

Let us know in the comments below.

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