Alan Omer Plans “Greatest Comeback” After Recovery From Brain Tumour: “I Was Confronted With Death”

Alan Omer has shared a crucial update about his surgery as he plans his comeback

Alan Omer, Bellator
Credit: Alan Omer (via Instagram)

Bellator lightweight Alan Omer has recovered from the brain tumor detected post debut in the promotion.

Alan Omer is a veteran of mixed martial arts having competed in the UFC between 2014 and 2015. As an up-and-coming athlete, he didn’t make the most out of the opportunity at the time. Despite dropping both of his fights before being let go by the promotion, Omer continued forward in the regional scene.

Alan Omer shares an update on brain tumor

Being on a five-fight win streak going into his debut at Bellator 248, Omer secured an impressive first-round finish by TKO against Ryan Scope. After the contest, the Iraqi fighter would make a shocking discovery during the routine check-ups done by the promotion’s medical staff.

In a statement posted to his Instagram, Alan Omer shared the positive news of his recovery from a brain tumor.

“It’s time for me to speak out after a long time of restraint. Sometimes life hits you with a big smash on your face, you have to accept and even appreciate it. It’s been hard time for me.

“In the peak of my life and my career, I have been diagnosed with a brain tumor. At a routine check for my Bellator Debut on September 2020, something abnormal has been spotted in my brain. I didn’t have any symptoms and first assumption was an edema.

“After long discussions I still got medical clearance to fight under the condition of complete clarification after the fight. Therefore, I am all the more proud of my performance and the sensational victory at that fight.”

Omer details the story behind how the tumor was detected and what transpired onwards.

“After the fight I went to routine checks, nothing changed on the MRI. 2021 I planned my US debut at Bellator 258. What a great opportunity for me! But the american sport commision didn‘t clear me to fight. I needed to clarify what this abnormality is exactly.

“At this point I felt something is wrong and started to worry. Shortly after I received the the shock of my life: I very likely have a braintumor. A marathon of examinations started. A biopsy showed that in fact it was a braintumor, and not one of nice ones.”

Fortunately, the tumor has been “removed to 100%”  and Omer can look forward to being in the gym again.

“In spring I had long surgery and the tumor has been removed to 100%. The surgery couldn’t have gone better. I’m in a very good health conditioning and even started to train again.

Alan Omer plans to return after successful surgery

Following the successful surgery, Omer reflected on his life and expressed gratitude.

“All my life I was confronted with death, from start facing wars in Iraq and Yemen, throughout my sport – it‘s an extreme sport- untill my diagnoses. Now in the second part of my life, I WILL FACE LIFE!

“No matter how long we live, we are just a brief and certain period here. We should always appreciate our health, its the most valuable thing in life.

Omer made a prophetic declaration stating his plans to make an amazing comeback.

“I will come back to the active sport next year
I will come back stronger
I will come back different
I will make history
it will be the greatest comback in the history of MMA, I promise! 👊
Nothing has ever broke me, nothing will ever brake me.” had been accompanying Omer for the last two months to put together his journey into an upcoming documentary that is scheduled for release this July 15.

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