Tai Emery Says ‘It’s Only Going to Get Worse’ Following BKFC’s Viral Post-Fight Flashing Moment

Emery made headlines this past weekend at BKFC Thailand after flashing the audience following her victory.

Tai Emery
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Expect even more craziness from Tai Emery in the near future.

Emery earned an uppercut knockout win over Rung-Arun Kunchai at BKFC Thailand this past weekend.

However, it was her celebration that made headlines as she jumped on the ropes and proceeded to flash the audience.

Naturally, something like that is not usually seen in combat sports and the celebration went viral.

And for the most part, there has been a positive reaction overall.

“Yes, we have broken the internet,” Emery told MMA Fighting. “This is a new thing. My friends have told me that I am the No. 1 trending thing on Google, so that’s kind of nice to beat a Kardashian at something.

“I threw the threat out there around Nick Chapman, and I think I threw it out at [my management] at one stage, literally being a brat, just to see if I could make people feel uncomfortable just being myself and wanting to see their reaction. When it came to, [and] every single person that really knows me, there’s a moment where they’re like, ‘Tai’s being Tai,’ and it’s bloody well paid off. There was no backlash at all.

“Everything is positive, positive, positive, which is why it’s been so bloody good because it wasn’t meant to make anyone feel some type of way negatively, but if that’s what they’re going to feel, than I think they need to have a look at themselves to see why that’s triggering them while someone is up there having a good time. I’m sure there are ladies who probably flashed their t*** for a free Bundy rum back home in Australia, but c’mon, I just knocked a b**** out.”

Tai Emery: It’s Going To Get Worse

That was notably Emery’s first fight with BKFC Thailand while she also has a four-fight deal with the promotion in the United States as well.

And in what may come as a surprise, the celebration saw her feel a bit introverted and shy.

But if that’s the case, fans can only expect crazier celebrations once she becomes more in tune with her surroundings at BKFC.

“To be honest, I feel like BKFC is the sport for me,” Emery said. “I feel like [with] my personality, and have a look at what I pulled over the weekend, it’s only going to get worse. This is who I am. So fortunately, or unfortunately people, it’s going to get worse the more I am enabled, the more comfortable I feel to not be so shy and introverted.

“If that’s me being introverted and shy, it’s just going to get a little crazy. With BKFC, and my personality, they’ll support the things that I say, how I feel, and how I think [compared to] another combat sport where they probably don’t want that sort of behavior, or don’t want someone with the opinions that I like to hold. The call came and I haven’t looked back since.”

What did you make of Tai Emery’s celebration?

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