Jorge Masvidal’s “Gamebread Figthing Championship” Adds “Big Foot” Silva In Main Event

UFC's Gamebred has been keeping busy between fights

Bigfoot Silva
Bigfoot Silva

Jorge Masvidal’s “Gambered Fighting Championship” is wasting no time in preparing a second event.  Hot off the heels of June 18th’s inaugural event, Jorge Masvidal is loading up the fight card for the second event which should take place on September 11.  Now we have the main event in the form of Antonio “Big Foot” Silva, former UFC heavyweight contender who will be fighting Alex Nicholson a former UFC and PFL veteran. 

Masvidal’s fighting organization is interesting as it is the only bare-knuckle MMA fighting promotion currently around. When probed by Ariel Helwani, Masvidal mentions that he made money on the event meaning, the interest is already there from the get-go.

Not that it matters, but technically, Jorge isn’t correct. His promotion may be the first with the “bare-knuckle” label on it, but MMA orgs that sanctioned no glove MMA fighting were a very popular thing in Brazil and in Japan. 

Big Foot Silva, despite being active in MMA hasn’t won a fight since 2015 against Soa Palelei. Will the added “spice” of the bare-knuckle element give Big Foot some momentum and an extra incentive to win? Highly unlikely, but it’s never too late to have a comeback, and maybe he will get his groove going and win. 

Either way, on September 11 at Gambebred Figthing Championship’s second event we will find out. 

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