EXCLUSIVE: David Feldman Won’t Mandate BKFC Fighters For COVID-19 Vaccine, Talks Paige VanZant Return

David Feldman follows suit with UFC's Dana White in not forcing fighters to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

David Paige
David Paige

The world is crazy right now. The global pandemic of COVID-19 has affected just about everything, including the top sports leagues. The major outbreak would keep many down, but not out.

Moving Forward

As the world recovered, the UFC would be the first to get on the board, returning with safe and secure events in a controlled environment, proving combat sports at least, could push on forward. 

It wasn’t so easy for other sports however. With teams of double-digit players, the NFL had a hard time progressing through the storm. Quarantine became a usual trend. Now that vaccines are being distributed, the NFL is looking to leave quarantine for good as they are enticing all of their players to get vaccinated. 

Moving Around Controversy

Not everybody is a fan of the new vaccine however. Despite having a high vaccination rate in the league, there are still a lot of players and staff who don’t want to get vaccinated. This would spark some major controversy.

UFC president Dana White would not take the NFL’s lead on their procedures. White said he would not force any of his fighters to take the vaccination if they did not want to earlier last week. 

David Feldman’s Response

BKFC boss David Feldman would share the same sentiment. 

“I’m not in a position to mandate anybody to do things against their will.” Feldman told MiddleEasy. “So I couldn’t possibly mandate my fighters and staff and say ‘you have to get vaccinated’.”

Feldman expressed interest in having a BKFC event in New York City, possibly at Madison Square Garden, in the future, however given its current state, it might be not be a good fit for the promotion in 2021. 

“On that note, if you have to be vaccinated to work in the state of New York, then you know, that’s something I think is going to actually have an adverse effect on the whole entire state of New York. I don’t, I don’t know how long and how well that’s going to work, but it probably wouldn’t work for us.”

Return of PVZ

The BKFC boss would later discuss the future of Paige VanZant. “12-gauge” has gone 0-2 in the promotion thus far, dropping her first two fights against Britain Hart and a rematch with Rachael Ostovich. Feldman has labeled that her next fight is an absolute ‘must-win’ for her career at this point. 

PVZ might be on her last legs in combat sports. Whatever state her career might be in, Feldman will plan out her future, whether it’s with or without gloves on. 

“We’re going to sit down next week. I’ll be in Florida, we’ll sit down with her and our management team and we’ll figure that out. Whatever it is, whatever happens, if she fights for us again, we have a great working relationship, that’d be great. And if she decides to go a different direction, if it’s not going to work for us financially, then things can happen.

“She’s a team player.” Feldman added. “I think that we’re going to find a way to make it work and see more of Paige VanZant in the BKFC.”

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