Finally, German scientists have created robot sperm

Finally, German scientists have created robot sperm

I can’t seem to escape the “news” that Beyonce released an album. Is there a more overrated singer in the world today? Put your hand down Rihanna. The general public just don’t talk about the kind of things I want to hear. Actually, that’s kinda the reason MiddleEasy started posting more than MMA news. There is far too much interesting stuff out there that too few people touch on to not share it with you guys. For example, researchers in Germany have created the world’s first robot sperm.

Well, they say “robot” but it’s a robot in the same way placing toilet roll tubes on your cat’s legs makes it a robot. The researchers trapped bull sperm in tiny metal tubes which activated after ten minutes and were controlled through manipulating magnetic fields and heat. Of course, this sounds incredibly ludicrous but the researchers think that this could help fertilize eggs and also deliver drug. It turns out not all sci-fi sounding medical advances are terrifying after all.

New Scientist posted a video of some bull sperm being controlled by magnetic forces inside a metal tube which you can peruse at your leisure through the embedded video below.

Kieran McNairn

Kieran is a freelance writer and psychology graduate from Scotland who wishes BoDog Fights still put on outdoor MMA events in Costa Rica.

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+4 # NoHomo 2013-12-13 18:58
Call me old fashion but what is wrong with good ol' man sperm?
+5 # Ravelife 2013-12-14 02:54
According to my old lady and yours, the taste and texture.

Luckily, drinking sperm makes pineapple juice taste better.
0 # Will-Kill 2013-12-18 19:38
Quoting Ravelife:
According to my old lady and yours, the taste and texture.

Luckily, drinking sperm makes pineapple juice taste better.

I think that's the other way I've heard.
0 # NoHomo 2013-12-21 08:22
Its a myth either way, believe me

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