MMA Rundown

Video: Wolfslair striker Jack McGann just upper cutted a dude into a deep pre-Thanksgiving sleep

There is nothing like a surprise midweek MMA knockout to make the days go by. Thanks to six foot one lightweight Jack McGann, his dynamite hands and UFC Fight Pass’ thirst for live content we can now enjoy random Russian MMA violence on a Tuesday afternoon. Instead of pretending to type on your work computer, nod and smiling through another conference call or reorganizing your email inbox, you could be watching Jack McGann put to sleep his opponent at Eurasia Fight Nights Global 55: Synergy Time.

Synergy Time? There is no better way to corporate synergize your pre-Thanksgiving work week then by watching McGann uppercut Igor Egorov face first on to the mat. This Holiday season be thankful for the power that lives inside all of Jack McGann uppercuts.

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