MMA Rundown

Video: Kevin Lee says Team Mayweather has asked him to join Floyd’s training camp for McGregor fight

Has the UFC’s Kevin Lee ripped off his Reebok fight kit to reveal he is wearing a Money Mayweather tank top underneath? As the combat sports world boat prepares itself for a crashing landing into of a pile of Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor shaped rocks, the UFC roster is slowly choosing sides.

MMA 4 Life! Or McGregor can suck it! Like all things in life there are only two sides to stand on and everything is black and white (heh).

Speaking with Eyes On The Game with Helen Yee, Lee dropped a mini bombshell that Mayweather will be starting training camp soon and he will have MMA fighters help him with his camp. Nobody does a eight to ten week training camp like Money Mayweather and Lee’s MMA style of stand-up may give him a edge when he enters a boxing ring with the current UFC 155 pound champion.

Watch the interview below and listen to Lee also hint that the Mayweather-McGregor fight may go down as soon as June 2017.