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Replay: Inspired by interim belts, Jose Aldo’s trainer just slept a guy with a flying knee KO in Brazil

Jose Aldo’s kickboxing trainer Emerson Falcao fights a lot like an old school Jose Aldo. Like a vintage WEC Level Jose Aldo, Falcao hit a flying knee KO on his opponent in Brazil over the weekend and needed just 82 seconds to do it.

Bring back the WEC version of Jose Aldo through the ghost of this flying knee KO from one of his kickboxing trainers. If Aldo wants a rematch with Conor McGregor in 2017 he needs to start knocking out featherweights with flying knee strikes. Check out Falcao sleeping Oscar Vera with his knee then recall all the fond memories you have of Aldo when he was starching folks on a blue WEC mat.