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Conspiracy Theory Alert: Junior dos Santos said Cain Velasquez was on steroids when they fought?

So Junior dos Santos just said Cain Velasquez was on steroids. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone in the MMA community. During a time period when the UFC was lax on drug testing, any fighter at any given time could have been using some kind of performance enhancing drug.

A wise Stockton based philosopher once said “Everyone is on steroids”.

Ever since the UFC adopted USADA drug policies the accusations of someone being a better fighter pre-USADA has become almost cliché. Add former UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos accusing Cain Velasquez of being on steroids or PEDS before the days of USADA.

Pre-USADA JDS versus pre-USADA Cain gave MMA fans one of the heavyweight trilogies in the sport’s history. Will we ever know if JDS or Velasquez were on something at UFC on Fox 1, UFC 155 or UFC 166? Probably not, but JDS-Cain chapters one through three produced some of the most violent head-on collisions the sport as ever seen.

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First one Internet troll dropped this backhanded compliment to JDS

Then JDS set-off this Conspiracy Theory out into the Instagram air space