MMA Rundown

Conspiracy Theory Alert: Is Cody Garbrandt trying to steal Conor McGregor’s grandpa glasses style?

Follow the breadcrumbs. At the end of the carbohydrates road, you will find on a bowl of 30-year-old hard candy sitting on an end table next to a dusty chair. This chair will smell like your grandpa and when you peak around to see who’s sitting in your Grandpa’s ass groove it will be UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt dressed like a god damned 90-year-old man.

You were maybe expecting your grand pappy to be sitting in his chair or at the very least UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor dressed in his “1940s Irish Grand Dad” alternate outfit complete with drug store reading glasses. But nobody expected Garbrandt to follow in the foots steps of McGregor and reverse Benjamin Button himself into the form of everyone’s Grandpa.

What page out of the McGregor playbook will Cody Garbrandt borrow from next? *thinking emoji*