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Nate Diaz and E-40 in the same video?! Sure, we'll watch it

Nate Diaz and E-40 in the same video?! Sure, we'll watch it

Ah mid-90s rap, the only time in modern civilization in which you can open a song by rhyming hippopotamus and neurologists and convince people why moonshine is better than manufactured alcohol in a rhythmic fashion. Everything that hip-hop is, it already was in the 90s. What people are listening to now is just an archaic revival. Guys like E-40 should have a statue constructed in their likeness so that future generations will never forget the essence of Bay Area hip-hop. Heiroglyphics, Too Short, MF Doom, Andre Nikatina, Luniz, Mac Dre, Living Legends -- I know a lot are missing from that list, which is even more reason to construct even more statues. Just cover Oakland in a row of bronze statues and hope the vagrants don't steal pieces and sell them at a scrap yard. That's the American way.

Nate Diaz is another entity that hails from Northern California. Although we haven't seen or heard Nate Diaz drop a freestyle (yet), his fanbase does cross over with that of E-40 and most any other Bay Area rapper. That's probably why this video of E-40 and Nate Diaz attending a signing shouldn't surprise you that much -- although it is pretty cool.

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