• Written by Bauzen

Dana White lectures bloggers at the New Media Expo on what it takes to use social media effectively

Some would argue that the UFC’s success is primarily due to effective use of social networks.  We think it’s because MMA is rawesome, but whatever… Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion.  Since 1993, the UFC has exploded in popularity like some sort of wild chemistry experiment gone right. Other leagues and sports franchises are doing what they can to keep up with that growth as they'll battle for prime-time network viewership in the coming year.  Dana White took an hour out of his life to talk with a room full of bloggers about the history of the UFC and some marketing strategies they’ve found effective in their business.  Most of you will find this boring because you’re glued to the news on a daily basis, but there are some fun tidbits you may not know, and unless you watch all 54 minutes of it, you’ll forever wonder what they are.

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