• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Here is the ENTIRE Invicta 4 show for your viewing enjoyment

All we wanted to do last night was watch some Invicta, but somewhere in the miles of fiber tiny demons bit through the the vital organs of Ustream, and thousands of people were left without some consistently awesome Invicta action. I can't speak for anyone else, but I spent the night on Soda Drinker Pro, a real time soda drinking simulation that lets you drink a delicious and refreshing (don't forget deadly) carbonated beverage from nearly anywhere in the world. Scratch that, you can even drink soda on the moon. I was told I would enhance my soda drinking abilities with Soda Drinker Pro and after playing it for now less than 4.52 hours last night sans Invicta, I think I did...enhance my soda drinking abilities.

Now, in order to rectify the sketchy stream, Invicta has put up the replay to the show absolutely free and for us to enjoy. You know what else is free? Soda Drinker Pro. But seriously, watch yet another awesome show from Invicta.


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